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Club Aquarium


Posted 2012-08-05 by Marianne Voylefollow
There aren't many clubs in London where I'll be happy to sit in my underwear, casually chatting to a stranger about the weather. There also aren't many clubs that think it's a good idea to throw a load of drunken people in a swimming pool together like a human-vodka soup, but miracles do happen. This is the only club in the UK to have a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and should be experienced solely for the weird feeling that you're on some sort of corrupted school trip to the baths.

As it's a popular London club I expected the décor to be a bit edgy, but the place seemed like it needed a revamp. This little miracle's bar is a bit sticky and underwhelming despite the slightly unreasonable entrance fee. Their 90s style disco lighting made the slightly unenthusiastic and provocative club dancers seem a little out of place, and a few people complained that the strange trance music they played wasn't suitable to dance to or even listen to.

This club's selling point is literally 'we're a club with a pool', as there's nothing else about it that really sparks amazement. Phil Spencer would probably recommend that they give their rooms a good paint. Brighten it up a bit. And get rid of the vents, because it's freezing when you get out of that pool. I spent the rest of the night indoors shivering uncontrollably in a winter coat. On the plus side, they have a couple of bored lifeguards in there to ensure nobody tries to play 'touch' or walk on water in their intoxicated states.

Despite all of my negativity, the experience is hilarious and ideal for students.

Best time to go: is at its busiest between 1am and 6am and you will have to queue to get in. Go any time before then if you fancy a quiet swim.
Entrance Fee: Depends on the day and time. Typically £15 which is above average London prices. Then an extra £2 to get into the pool (which they don't mention at the front door).
What to drink: Anything other than cocktails or a vodka, lemon, lime. They don't have lime.
Be sure to take: A towel, and any make-up, fake tan and perfume you may need after stewing in chlorine for a few hours. Swimwear is a plus too, but strangely not essential.
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