City Bike Liverpool

City Bike Liverpool


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City Bike Liverpool is a great way to see the city. The scheme allows you to hire a bike for a minimum of a day or longer if you're a local. It is a great way to explore, get fit and do something different without having to buy an expensive bike. City Bike is in many cities around the UK. It was set up as a way to help people get fit and use a greener form of transport. Launched on the 14th May 2014, Liverpool's City Bike is the largest scheme outside of London. Bikes can be rented from any of the 130 stations located around the city.

There are packages to suit every budget and every reason for cycling. Whether you are a commuter trying to find a greener way to get to work or a day tripper wanting to explore this beautiful city you will find a tariff to suit your needs.

To hire a bike you first need to register, filling in your details and choosing a tariff. It is possible to hire a bike for the day which makes it great for tourists to the city. Once you pay online, a pin and login details will then be sent to your phone or email which you can use to access any of the bike stations around Liverpool. The instructions are easy to follow and allow you access to a bike at any locations, it doesn't matter whereabouts in the city you are. With many locations to choose from near all the major attractions, everyone can benefit from hiring a bike whether you are comfortable cycling around the busy streets or prefer to bike around the parks. Find a list of cycle station points here. Bikes can be returned to any bike point making it easy to explore the city with no need to return back to where you started. This means you can see more views and attractions returning your bike to a station that is more convenient to where you want to finish your trip. Perhaps you want to return your bike near to the train station or nearer to home.

This is a great scheme and a wonderful idea for a day trip. Why not do something different at the weekend and cycle around the city? As well as being a great day out and a way to save money on transport costs cycling has numerous health benefits. It is a brilliant way to get fit and is a low impact exercise suitable for most abilities. It is a great way to improve cardiovascular health and have fun whilst doing it. However, it is important to stay safe and observe the rules of the road. Cyclists need to make arm signals before turning, obey the traffic lights and be aware that larger vehicles may not be able to see you so it is better to stay back. If you are new to cycling starting by riding around the parks or by the waterfront. This is a great way to build confidence and is something you can easily do in Liverpool as there are cycling stations in Sefton park or near Otterspool which is by the water and away from traffic.

Prices are from:
£3 a day
£9 a week
£60 a year

There is a price to suit every budget and you can easily try cycling for the day to see if you enjoy it and want to hire a bike for a longer period of time. Special offers are available to students so if you are studying in Liverpool why not hire a bike for the academic year to get to and from classes. The bike renting scheme is operated by find out more information here .

Find one of the bike renting stations by Albert Dock at The Strand, Liverpool L2 and take a test cycle today!

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