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The Circle Cafe


Posted 2012-09-28 by Lindsay Lawfollow
The first time we went to they had just started trying out a new style of menu. Chris, who heads up the friendly floor team, asked for feedback on the new offering and we willingly provided. He was keen to listen to what customers wanted and to incorporate that into his own ideas.

He seemed genuinely interested to hear our views, and has always welcomed us warmly. Since that first visit, we've become regular returners to sample the regularly changing menu.

The cafe is in a converted bakery. The brick-lines walls are covered with built-in shelves and original art. It's a charming and quirky design, and there's even a small bench seat built into the old bread oven.

The food is an eclectic mix of flavours: falafel burgers on granary bread sit side-by-side with specials like sautéed pigeon breast. We particularly love the sweet potato chips, because they offer a more nutrient-filled version of a classic potato chip. They're always cooked to perfection and they're very popular with our two girls. The food is prepared fresh on the premises every day, and it shows in the evident quality of every dish,

Every dish is thoughtfully created and presented, with sauces and sides that perfectly complement the food.

Chris is taking this idea of matching one step further and plans to host events where local breweries and vinters will pair wine and beer with his lovely food. The events will be timed to coincide with a full moon, an interesting touch in a world that has become caught up with counting hours and days to the absolute minute.

The Circle will always have my loyalty because when my daughters were going through a particularly fussy stage, Chris was quite happy to let them eat their food from the boxes we'd brought, whilst my husband and I dined on rather more interesting food from the lunch menu. The alternative would have been eating sandwiches on a bench in an Edinburgh winter.

He saved us from that chilly fate by welcoming us into this lovely little restaurant every week.

I highly recommend you try it too, especially the chocolate-chilli cheesecake!

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