Christmas Party Volunteering

Christmas Party Volunteering


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The office Christmas party: looked on to with excitement or dread? One thing's for sure, they are usually looked back on with regret, as any TV comedy will confirm.

They either end up being drab dos where everyone ends up talking about work, or the office clown puts a lampshade on his head, starts dancing, and is never able to live it down. Then of course there is the morning after hangover.

Doesn't really sound like the best start to Christmas holiday, does it? So why not avoid hassle altogether, and take part in a different sort of party?

Around Christmas lots of charities are desperate for volunteers, so instead of stretching the business budget for a shindig that no one really wants, why not suggest to your colleagues about helping out at a charitable organisation, where you can help host a party for those who really need a bit of Christmas cheer in their lives?

The project is organised by TimeBank , a national volunteering company that believes in the positive impact volunteering can have on society. The Chief executive Helen Walker, spoke of her own experience of volunteering last year:
'I asked staff what they wanted to do in the way of a party, pointing out that we had a tiny budget. They came back to me with a brilliant idea – suggesting that we volunteer in the morning and then go for a curry. So on a cold wet December morning I found myself with my entire staff in a Crisis warehouse packing up crates to be sent to Christmas shelters. It was great fun, a classic team-building exercise, and we all headed home for Christmas feeling we'd made a difference to someone less fortunate than ourselves.'

If you want to give hope to a homeless person, or watch a child's eyes light up when they open their presents, then get in contact with Filippo Artoni by calling 020 3111 0724. You can opt for a one-off team challenge or a personalised programme.

It is an excellent choice for business, and can even be considered as part of a training day course, as it will help with team building skills, communication, and boost morale.

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