Chiquito Restaurant Bar & Mexican Grill @ York

Chiquito Restaurant Bar & Mexican Grill @ York


Posted 2015-02-04 by Praneel Lal-Beadnellfollow
Chiquito's Restaurant Bar & Mexican Grill is the perfect escape from this extremely cold front we are facing. You will find this Tex-Mex brand dotted all over the UK, with over 70 restaurants and close to 100,000 guests tucking into freshly prepared Mexican and American dishes to suit all tastes – from mild to inferno, Chiquito's have every flavour. There's no place better to spice things up in York than to head to this established eatery.

The best thing about Mexican food is that you know it is going to have flavour, and lots of it. Luckily Chiquito's, although a chain, does deliver on this aspect.

Our crew of 4 decided to start of our winter's banquet with a collection of the tostada platter comprised of mini tortillas with a selection of delicious toppings including: cheese, chorizo & sweetcorn medley, sweet potato & feta cheese v or BBQ pulled pork & cheese. These were great little parcels that I highly suggest you order.

A partner decided to select the authentic chimichanga. This was possibly the best item on the menu and I was jealous I didn't order it. For those of you who don't know what a chimichanga is you have been living under a rock (and I do not know if I can be friends with you as this delicious creation was referenced in Anchor Man and as far as I know, everyone has seen Anchor Man). They are basically a golden brown, fried flour tortilla filled with Mexican spiced rice, refried beans, Texan style cheese sauce, melted cheese and then your favourite filling. Options for fillers are veggie five bean chilli, beef chilli, spicy chicken, BBQ pulled pork, or hot Habanero mushrooms (v), all served with with skin-on-fries. My partner, the meat lover that he is, went for BBQ pulled pork and was extremely happy with his choice. The slow cooked pork was packed full of flavour, which is just what you would expect with a Mexican chimichanga.

The flat quesadillas made an appearance next, smothered in melted cheese (perfect for a winter's night). The options available for these little flat sandwiches were Mexican spiced rice and either: veggie five bean chilli, spicy chicken, BBQ pulled pork, beef chilli or sweet potato & feta cheese, accompanied by a house salad. These came out quite promptly and piping hot, so watch your mouth.

Reasonably priced food, as well as an extensive cocktail list (quite impressive and a definite must for a Saturday night), will keep you coming back to this establishment, not to mention the glorious chimichangas.

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