A Walk in Chinatown, London

A Walk in Chinatown, London


Posted 2012-07-18 by Jack Bathefollow
Have you ever felt as if you would like to experience the Chinese culture, but have been put off by the magnitude of its distance from home?

Then a day trip to Soho's Chinatown could suit you perfectly!

Chinatown is an authentic Chinese community that has made a clever integration into western society making it open to all who wish to visit. The reason that such an integration has worked is due, in no small part, to the introduction of various restaurants that offer traditional Chinese dishes in many different forms. The are so many in fact that the first thing you notice upon entering Chinatown is the aroma of such dishes.

It's interesting that the aroma doesn't spill out into the surrounding areas, rather it keeps itself controlled and within its space making Chinatown seems like more of a gateway to China than just a regular part of London.

It's not just about the food, however. As it is an authentic community it contains all the basic utilities that you would expect in a town such as shopping markets, banks etc. Entering one of the shops here will bring you to a state of realisation, very little is different expect the atmosphere. There is a sense of trust between shop owners and the public as the rear section of one shop will lead into the rear section of another by way of a "backdoor". Such trust makes shopping more practical and accessible rather than having to step out of a shop to enter the next.

Decoration is a major part of Chinatown as red bollards, flags and large Chinese lanterns grip the street. It's something that I feel really helps to add to the authentic oriental experience. There is a multitude of things to try and things to do in Chinatown, and once you've found something that you enjoy you can bet that'll you'll be back.

A day in Chinatown is an easy way to immerse yourself within Chinese culture in a controlled, safe and easy to navigate environment. Getting lost is almost a non-issue as, whilst Chinatown in considerable in its size, various landmarks and features mark the edge of Chinatown meaning that you simply need to walk around the edge until you find your start point. Take a trip to Chinatown, a free day out with plenty to do and an overall enriching experience.

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