Chinatown Bakery

Chinatown Bakery


Posted 2016-10-15 by Amanda Christensenfollow

Every time I look up new places to check out in Chinatown, I keep reading about how amazing custard buns are. How had I gone all my life in cities with large Chinatowns in them without ever trying one? So I set forth on my new mission: get my hands on one of these infamous custard buns I had read so much about. I decided that since it was going to be an experience trying something new, I might as well go to a new bakery to try them as well, for an entirely different experience. This is what led me to .

is a small bakery shop that is meant to be takeaway only. The place is also pretty popular, it seemed, as it had a decent sized crowd both inside and outside of their shop, which I took to be a good sign. Once the queue shifted forward I made my way inside, grabbed my own pair of tongs and tray so I could start my selection process. They boast tray after tray of different Chinese pastries, ranging from your typical roast barbecue bun, to red bean buns, teriyaki buns (something I had yet to see until then) and many, many more. I reached the end and finally saw what I came there for: the custard bun.

Now, this custard bun was far different from what I was expecting. When I think of custard, I think of the same pudding-esque filling inside donuts, a kind of creamy consistency. But not inside these custard buns. When I bit in, I was hit by an overwhelming vanilla flavour. The color and consistency threw me for a loop as well. Instead of the familiar cream custard I was expecting, the custard inside these buns is a bright, eye-catching yellow, with a consistency more similar to that of an egg tart or pastel de nata. These surprising finds aside, I grew to really enjoy the custard bun, and with it being the size of my face for a mere £1, I definitely see many more of them in my future.

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