Chicken Liquor

Chicken Liquor


Posted 2014-11-16 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Ahh the sister company of the infamous meat liquor has opens its doors in Brixton. in Brixton is not a restaurant like I thought, but a dirty little bar screaming cool and haphazardly-collected.

It functions as an after-work joint and has a vibe that makes it feel like the weekend. I dined here with a friend who'd come down from Manchester. I thought I'd take her somewhere she wouldn't expect and certainly delivered.

Firstly, it's in Brixton. Instead of being in central, it peters away from the chaotic inner-city life, and is slap bang in the middle of the hot-and-happening Brixton. You can see the dirt around the edges, which I like and it fits into Brixton's relaxed, grimy, yet trendy area that is Brixton Village.

It's small, but don't worry, the thown-together stools and high tables, much like an American bar/diner work just fine. Admittedly, the tables were a bit narrow and my personal space felt a touch invaded, but you forget about it once the food arrives.

Hanging from the bar are the drink and food menus. If you happen to miss the hanging menus, just look to the left of the entrance and you'll find the blackboard with the simple, but exciting menu of chicken bites (with varying spices and dip) and chicken wings.

Both my friend and I opted for the 'boneless bites' out of sheer laziness; it is such a chore removing chicken from the bones in a restaurant. Nonetheless our meals looked tasty and humble. We were served a generous portion of bites each and a large side of fries. It was just the kind of no-frills meal we were looking for.

The bites were punchy with flavour and the chicken inside the crispy coating was perfectly tender. I had worried about the coating because I've suffered the result of poorly-fried, fried chicken, but the bites were perfect. Far from the batter-like stuff I've had the misfortune of trying before, these were full of flavour and easy to eat.

If you're thinking of visiting the restaurant with a group of friends, beware, it's tiny. The restaurant has 7 seating areas downstairs and they offer an eating at the bar option. With upstairs seating you think it would be more spacious; lt's not and the downstairs seating is the only offering the provide during the week.

Nonetheless, chicken coated in a seasoned, fried batter, served with chips and dip has an alluring simplicity that I can't resist. Simple food done well, deserves recognition, and judging by the queue, others think so too.

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