Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Musical

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Musical


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Mon 13 May 2013 - Tue 13 May 2014

The is based on a book published in 1964. The book was written by British children's author Roald Dahl.

Inspired by Dahl's experience of chocolate companies as a child, the story is about an eccentric chocolate factory owner, Willy Wonka. Apparently, when Dahl was a child, large chocolate manufacturers were obsessed with keeping their recipes secret.

Mr. Wonka was convinced that his rivals were stealing his chocolate recipes and so he kept the doors of his factory closed for ten years. But then he decides to open them to five children and their parents and to choose who these lucky few will be, who will also receive a lifetime supply of chocolate. So, he conceals five golden tickets in Wonka chocolate bar wrappers.

The quest for the five tickets becomes a frenzy and as each one is found, the recipient receives much media attention.The first four winners are all distinctly dislikeable characters in their own way. The fifth winner, however, is a thoroughly more deserving case in the form of Charlie Bucket, who lives in poverty with his family.

Charlie visits the factory with his Grandpa Joe, and the story follows their adventures within and their encounters with the other winners and Mr Wonka himself.

After the success of two films, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, 1971 and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, 2005, the musical opened in London's West End in 2013 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. It is directed by Sam Mendes, an Academy Award winner. The show soon broke records for weekly ticket sales but received mixed reviews. Charles Spencer of The Telegraph wrote about the musical, "I have little doubt that the production will be a big hit. Its combination of imaginative nastiness and shameless sentimentality seem tailor-made for the unlovable age in which we live."

The musical will be opening on Broadway in 2017.

The great cast and creative team

Charlie Bucket - Alternately, Guillermo Bedward / Noah Crump / Archie Durrant / Ptolemy Gidney
Willy Wonka - Jonathan Slinger
Grandpa Joe - Barry James
Veruca Salt - Stella Haden / Daisy Sequerra/ Lauren Henson
Augustus Gloop - Connor Davies / Callum McDonald/ Archie Lewis
Violet Beauregarde - Asha Banks / Liani Samuel/ Miriam Nyarko
Mike Teavee - Frankie-Leon Rossell / Jude Ponting / Harry Vallance

Book Tickets for - A Mysterious Tale

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory are suitable for adults and children and have a running time of two and a half hours. Tickets are currently starting from £18 at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane box office. Browse for relevant Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dates and book your tickets if need be.

You can look for online booking for the dates of the show. Also note, that this is the final year for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at The Theatre Royal, so do not miss a chance to take your kids to an enjoyable show. Despite the mixed critic reviews, the tale is worth seeing - at least once.

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