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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what's better than a whole café dedicated to it? With branches in trendy locations such as Camden and Brick Lane, Cereal Killer Café has recently become a firm favourite for anyone who wants to kick off their day with a bit of a sugar rush.

Cereal Killer Café was established back in 2014 by Irish twins Alan and Gary Keery. They decided to open up the café because "people from every generation loved cereal as a kid. What we are doing is reigniting that love and making cereal exciting again; celebrating it in a way that hasn't been done before." It instantly attracted cereal enthusiasts from all over the world, and was so successful that the owners had no choice but to open a second Cereal Killer Café, which is situated in the heart of Camden Market. The brothers have even had a book published after being signed with Penguin Random House, proving just how successful the business is. After hearing my friends rave about Cereal Killer Café, I finally paid a visit to the Camden branch to see what all the fuss is about.

As soon as you step into the café, you are transported back to your childhood. You are immediately greeted by 90s memorabilia and shelf upon shelf of boxes of cereal. There are over 100 varieties on offer, ranging from the classic Cheerios and Corn Flakes to the more obscure 'Kariot', which hails from Israel. If that wasn't enough, Cereal Killer Café also has a range of other treats to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, including Pop Tarts, toast with a variety of spreads (think peanut butter and Biscoff), and the latest addition, Stacked Hot Chocolates.

Deciding what to have was a tough choice. My friends had recommended the 'Unicorn Poop', but I was also tempted by the 'Mint Choc cHipster;, 'Don't Have a Cinnamon' and 'Miss American Pie'. However, I settled on the 'Unicorn Poop', which consists of ricicles, part rings, marshmallow fluff, mini marshmallows and hundreds and thousands. I ordered my cereal from the counter and then went to sit down in the back, which is hidden away from passersby. Unfortunately, I did have to wait rather a long time for my food to arrive, and when I asked a member of staff how much longer it would take, it seemed that they had forgotten my order. Nevertheless, they were very apologetic and the Unicorn Poop was definitely worth the wait. The party rings and hundreds and thousands made me feel like I was a kid again, and there was just enough milk to cover all the cereal.

Cereal Killer Café may be pricey (£2.60 for a simple bowl of cereal), but the vast majority of the cereals are imported from the other side of the world, so they're not readily available here in the UK. In terms of atmosphere, the café is very relaxed, with a cheesy throwback playlist on repeat and a few beds to take a nap on - perfect for children. It was nice to try something different for a change, and I'm sure I'll come back to Cereal Killer Café soon for more tasty treats.

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