Cat Cafe Liverpool

Cat Cafe Liverpool


Posted 2018-08-20 by Montyfollow

I was in the beautiful city of Liverpool recently and by chance, came across this cat cafe whilst heading a few blocks over to get a tattoo. It's in the Ropewalks area and oh my CAT, it is amazing. I have never seen such a fancy and classy cat cafe before in my entire life (and I'm old, people. I'll be 40 in a month. I already have some grey hairs sneaking through. I pluck them. This is my life now. Please don't weep for me.)

Anyway, this cat cafe had a line out the door but we still managed to get in really quickly. You are provided with little plastic shoe covers at reception if you don't want to take your shoes off once inside the actual cat portion of the building. I made use of these ever so attractive blue plastic booties as I was too lazy and uncoordinated to undo my shoelaces.

As soon as you enter, you can see why this place is so popular. Three levels of an amazingly luxurious, classy, sophisticated and quirky cat lovers' paradise. Framed pictures of Victorian-style cats graced each wall. Velour couches with cat print cushions and little tables where one could sit and chat over a (delicious) hot chocolate, wine or cake, whilst watching as one of thirty cats played and ran about in their usual adorable way.

Around every corner, up every stair, and in every nook and cranny there seemed to be another little cat friend to find. Many were sleeping but you could still stroke them.

Several chose to groom me (I am one of the perhaps crazier cat ladies who love to be "groomed", a.k.a licked, by cats as it feels like a massage given by a caring sandpaper tongue), and many were playing together and leaping, jumping and frolicking, as cats tend to do during the two hours a day when not sleeping.

The lovely friendly staff were always around to ensure both guests and cats were having a good, safe and enjoyable time, and to take orders for drinks or nibbles. They would then find you wherever you happened to be in the somewhat maze-like ornate building, and deliver the food and drink right to you. One other thing I forgot to mention - the food and drink are included in the entry fee, which is pretty cool! There is no obligation to eat or drink, however, of course.

Anyone who happens to be in this area of Liverpool, or even if you have to travel from elsewhere...say Cornwall... London...Australia even...please do pop in here. It is seriously a sight to behold!

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