Casa Mia Restaurant

Casa Mia Restaurant


Posted 2013-09-14 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Casa Mia is the Italian restaurant on the main road near my mother's house. Since its renovation three years ago she has said how incredible the food is, but with work and life in the way, she hasn't been there since 2010.

So, with her birthday approaching, my sister and I booked a table at the restaurant, surprising our mother with a birthday meal. Sadly, there were a series of unwelcome surprises which we encountered during our meal, too.

The menu looked promising, but we seemed to be left to wait at least 15 minutes before the waiter returned to request our order. We all found this rather odd considering there was only one other table of three people in the restaurant.

Once we'd placed our orders the waiter bought out our drinks, and left us to surreptitiously pat our tummies for about 20 minutes.

I was surprised when my meal came out - large portions - because of the sheer amount of 'sautéed potatoes' in relation to the chicken breast. Considering it stated 'chicken in a cognac sauce', on the menu, I found it bizarre that my meal tasted suspiciously like celery, of which I am a allergic. I told the waiter I wanted to change my meal, and he looked at me as though I'd asked him the meaning of life.

I opted for the 'creamy mushroom chicken' for the second time, and instead of it coming out of the restaurant 10 minutes later, at least 20 minutes passed before I received my meal. When it finally arrived there was an eyelash next to my chicken. Horrified I told the waiter who immediately dismissed it saying he didn't have eyelashes and that it couldn't be anyone's in the kitchen.

He took away our plates and proceeded to offer the dessert menu, needless to say we declined and requested the bill. Oddly enough my meal with the eyelash hadn't been removed. I queried the bill with the waiter at which point a woman emerged from the chicken saying "no, no it's your hair". I corrected her saying it was an eyelash, to which she replied "no there wasn't an eyelash, it's yours, you don't do this in my restaurant, pay and get out".

For £48.85 we had for three main meals, (duck, chicken), a side order of cheese topped spinach, and two mugs of tea. It is an expensive place to dine, and they do not serve authentic Italian cuisine, as advertised, but an unusual attempt at 'Italian' food.

In all my life I have never been so disgraced at the terrible customer service, nor did I expect something to happen on my mother's birthday. Perplexed, we left, and we'll never be going back.

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