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Posted 2013-10-02 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Paradise Forum has its title for a reason. Inside this one minute walk way between Broad Street and the heart of the centre, is kids haven: Cartoon Planet.

It's not the largest of shops, but kids are happy with a slither of their favourite characters, so a room with at least ten popular cartoon characters will make them smile.

On a handful of the shelves and on the movable mobiles in the middle of the store are a mixture of t-shirts for 'geeks' with silly sayings like 'I'm with them' and an arrow, as well as slogans like 'available'. However, it is mostly a toy shop with cuddly soft and firm big and small toy versions of Smurfs, Angelina Ballerina, and The Simpsons characters.

When I went in I heard two mothers say to their separate groups of children: "No touching!" One woman also said: "Just look, looking doesn't mean touching", which made me chuckle.

They also sell memorabilia for older fans, such as Family Guy toys of Peter and Stewie, and The Simpsons bags.

In many ways Cartoon Planet is as much a toy shop for kids, as it is for sci-fi geeks. About a quarter of the shop is designated to Star Wars and Dr Who.

Apps we love to hate; Angry Birds toys are stocked in Cartoon Planet alongside minions in cuddly-toy form from Despicable Me.

A mini-nirvana for kids and geeks, Cartoon Planet is where the toys and characters you love come to life (and can be taken home ). Parents, beware however, the owners know what they're doing, and the toys aren't cheap, but maybe treat this shop how my parents considered the Disney Store - as a one off luxury we visited once a month, twice if my sisters and I had been 'good'.

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