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Cargo Club London


Posted 2011-04-13 by David Wilsonfollow
I had been to Cargo about 5 times over the years, and have yet to experience a bad time. However I wasn't sure if Cargo was still 'cool', as I hadn't been there in about a year, and things move fast in Shoreditch. Everytime I had been on a Saturday, I was impressed with the DJ's and their selections, and I know that they often have live acts too.

When I got there I was confronted by a fairly lengthy queue, but on a Saturday this is to be expected. I noticed from the people in the queue that most of them were groups of lads, or groups of foreign people. Now, these groups of lads were not the usual Shoreditch type, they were trying, with their buttoned up shirts and rolled up trousers, but their shaved heads and diamond earrings were giving them away.

It was ten pounds to get in, but I'm pretty used to that. Then it was straight to the bar; a can of beer is £4 and a shot is £3.50. I would have had an issue with these prices a few years ago, but living in London desensitises one to this. Every room has it's own bar which means that queuing for a drink is never too bad.

Inside, Cargo is split into three rooms and an outside area, all on one floor. The main room in the middle is a more chilled out room than the others, with seats, sofas, and places to prop up with a drink. The main dance area branches off this room and is pretty spacious but fills up quickly. On a Saturday, this pumps out minimalist house/techno, which at the start of the night is a little too much for me personally. I headed to the third room, which is by far the smallest. This room plays some decent hip-hop and the dj on this night was really good.

A personal highlight of mine was his little tribute to the recently deceased Nate Dogg, by playing back to back tracks featuring his fine voice for about half an hour. His selections were attracting a crowd from the other rooms, and, as I have experienced before, this small room got dangerously crowded - head bobbing only now. The outside area is really well set-up, with sheltered benches and tables, and lots of space. Indeed, smokers can enjoy a nice comfortable puff, and it's a good place to take a break from the busyness of inside.

So, 4 beers and 3 shots down, lets give the main dance room another try. As I approach, the beats are already more attractive to my altered mindstate, and I'm keen to get involved. The atmosphere seems to have settled into itself by now, and people are really starting to enjoy themselves, including my mates and I. The venue is open until 5am so there is plenty of time to show your finest on the dancefloor.

Another good night in Cargo then, just one problem, I live in Kingston, its going to be a long one home.

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