Cardiff Bakestones

Cardiff Bakestones


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is located in the heart of Cardiff city centre. For almost 20 years, this family business has been creating Welsh pastries and making both locals and tourists very happy with their traditional Welsh cakes and sweet treats.

When visiting Wales, venturing into the food culture is a must.
Century-old recipes and traditional cooking methods are still embraced today, some with a modern or more practical twist, but the homely, nourishing, creative and heartiness of Welsh cuisine prevails. Welsh food is eye-warming and heartwarming, the weather is unpredictable and can turn at any minute but Welsh traditional food offers comfort, predictability and creates a child-like anticipation to stop and savour a little treat for a moment.

Bakestones Cardiff at the Cardiff Indoor Markets offers a large assortment of traditional Welsh cakes, desserts and loaf cakes for all sorts of appetites and dietary requirements.
are most famous for their traditional Welsh cakes, made right before your eyes. These little pastries are mixed, hand rolled and griddled on a traditional griddle (bakestone). Their moreish scent fills the air at the market and escapes onto the shopping precinct, attracting locals and tourists to enjoy the warm sweet treats.

You can find the plain traditional Welsh cakes with sugar dusting or try some of their other flavours - jam splits, lemon curd, coconut, chocolate chip, traditional fruit, Nutella or white chocolate. All cakes are vegetarian friendly and they also make diabetic and vegan traditional fruit cakes.

It is no wonder have become a local favourite and a tourist attraction with perfect handmade pastries every time. For those wanting to try more Welsh desserts and sweet treats, also offers a large selection of loaf cakes and the famous Bara Brith (a traditional cake flavoured with black tea, dried fruits and spices, and an absolute must to enjoy on a Welsh rainy day).

You can also find at the Merthyr Indoor Market and Trago Mills Merthyr. Head to any of these locations to enjoy traditional Welsh sweet treats and to embrace not only a family business but an ancient culinary tradition.

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