Caravan Restaurant, King's Cross

Caravan Restaurant, King's Cross


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Believe it or not, it can be quite hard to find an appetising breakfast/brunch location that escapes the norm and delivers a twist to traditional favourites. If you find yourself at Kings Cross St Pancras station, you are only a stones throw away from one of the cities newest eateries and one that is creating quite a buzz.

Caravan, located in the eclectic Gray Building, 5 minutes walk from the station, appears like a wonderful oasis amongst a cement city. Enter the restaurant and you will quickly be-at-one with the lively atmosphere. The fragrant aromas of freshly brewed coffees, salted caramel hot chocolates and baked croissants are among the many that welcome you into the old grain store conversion.

High ceilings, an open-view kitchen along with a cocktail bar that spans the back of the restaurant are just the few interest points of this venue.

With seating located at the rear of the bar and out the front, you will undoubtedly still struggle to find a table and may have to wait upwards to 30 minutes to an hour for a spot. Don't let this discourage you, as the delectable menu will wash away the amount of time you have waited.

I headed to this venue (for a second time) with my housemates to say au revoir to one them who had her sights set on Dublin. Having heard about Caravan from a current housemate we thought we would try it out.

We walked into Caravan at 1pm on a Saturday (possibly not the wisest decision) and waited with Salted hot chocolates in hand for our table. 60 minutes later we were seated, had ordered and were presented with our banquet.

An assortment of divine breakfast/brunch items appeared. I ordered the Raclette and spinach French toast, bacon, watercress and a side of St John bakery sourdough with avocado, chilli, lemon and olive oil. Other items that adorned the table were the Jalapeno corn bread, fried eggs, black beans, guindilla pepper, and a few other amazing creations.

Each dish was carefully out together and presented with maximum appetiser value. The portion sizes were reasonable and there was no chance we were leaving in hunger or disappointment.

Caravan also boasts a variety of freshly blended juices. I recommend you try the watermelon, apple and mint.

In the late afternoon Caravan comes to life, as a bubbly hub of locals, along with many late comers beginning their Saturday night pre-beverage consumption of European wines and beers.

Open on the weekends from 10am - 12am and 10am - 4pm (respectively) will allow you ample time to decide whether your vice will be a gourmet brunch or an evening of cocktails and banter.

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