Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park


Posted 2012-08-12 by Iyma Atiqfollow

I have decided to do a short series reviewing the best places in and around Birmingham that can give you peace, calmness and overall enjoyable leisurely strolls that are very much worthwhile. An ideal activity, I think, for people to do over the summer has to be taking walks around various different places around the city just to give you pleasure and positive moments to look back on once your holidays come to an end and its back to school or the office. My first place that I decided to visit and now review is .

Located in the Moseley and Selly Oak area, is around three whole miles of beautiful greenery and plantation and is guaranteed to give peaceful satisfaction to anyone wishing to pursue leisurely activities there. Let me assure you it is an enjoyable place to be.

I decided to take a casual, peaceful walk around the grounds of on Thursday afternoon when we were experiencing bright sunshine, heat and very blue skies. It seemed like the perfect afternoon to have the perfect stroll. It was very much that. The huge open space available here gave me the feeling of ultimate freedom to wander around everywhere. I wasn't just occupied by walking through grounds. The park has giant ponds where you can feed the ducks and lakes where you can hire boats for paddling for an hour or two along with beach chairs where one can sit and relax with a good book, plenty of ice cream vans to choose from and swings, see-saws, slides and other classic park rides to enjoy.

My personal feelings walking around the park were largely positive. The perfect breeze felt as I walked along the grass along with lovely views of beautiful plantation and flower arrangements alongside beautiful and big trees all in neat rows. I was pretty amazed at the beautiful work of gardeners working here who have put together amazing displays of flowers and other plantation. The intricate detailing and the tidiness of it all was incredibly impressive and further adds to the pleasant experience I was already feeling. I'd think this place perfect for a summer family picnic. There's so much room available you're more or less spoiled for choice as to where to sit. Garden tea rooms are also available for you to purchase snacks and meals and on either side of the park there are two other attractions. On the one side you have the Midlands Arts Centre (also known as the MAC) that exhibits films, plays exhibitions and shows and on the other you have the Nature Centre, a pleasant petting zoo home to traditional British farm animals and a variety of other different animals that is ideal to take kids on a day out to.

My overall conclusion, provides lovely open space available to anyone with a variety of facilities to satisfy people needs. It's views and features where enough to make me experience a pleasant, relaxing and peaceful walk, even though it was only an hour it was still very much worthwhile. If you ever have the time or are nearby I'd say it's worth checking out!

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