Camperdown Wildlife Centre

Camperdown Wildlife Centre


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Situated in Camperdown Park, the largest park in Dundee, the wildlife centre boasts over 50 animals and is a great day out with the kids.

Following a circular route, there are lots of different and interesting animals to see. The paved path means that it's also wheelchair and pushchair friendly. The enclosures are well kept and sizeable. It's easy to see the various animals and exciting to spot what's coming next. Large or small, there's plenty to see.

While I was most interested in the more exotic of animals, my toddler was just jumping up and down to see the farmyard animals. We were welcomed by some lovely donkeys and shaggy sheep. Next up, the Greater Rhea came right over to us and was quite magnificent.

Roaming free and near to the big wigwam were some regal peacocks. Obviously used to visitors, we were able to get quite close and enjoy their splendor. After that we ducked inside to peer at bats in their dark 'cave' and then emerged back into daylight to spot a Great Grey Owl watching us intently.

has a major focus on the endangered lemur species. We enjoyed watching the antics of a ring tailed lemur and black and white ruffed lemur.

My personal highlight was the merry band of European Otters. These cheeky little chaps were zipping around their enclosure having lots of fun.

The largest of all the beasts was the European Brown Bear. My son loves the children's book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' so this this lonesome bear was quite a sight for him. In a large enclosure with strong fencing, we were able to stand safely in a viewing area to marvel at his glossy coat and shiny eyes.

I visited on a cold and very frosty day in December which was not ideal for a picnic. However, on a more pleasant day, you could enjoy your sandwiches and snacks at a large stone table next to the elephant sculpture. If you're in need of escaping the cold then there's a lovely bright cafe with range of hot drinks and some tasty tray bake treats.

is not just a place to view a range of animals but "pledge to help and protect them and their wild habitats through their conservation and education projects". Their education extends from informative boards with information as you move around to specifically tailored lessons and presentations for schools, all guided by the national curriculum.

The wildlife centre is good value with adult tickets at £3.80 and children over 3 for £3. Camperdown Country Park itself is free to enter and enjoy and is lovely for a walk around.

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