Camden Markets

Camden Markets


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The are a classic stop on the tour of London. But it is a must. There is so much culture in Camden Town and the market is an unforgettable experience. I am forever grateful that the first time I went I was taken by a friend who is experienced in the haphazard ways of Camden Town. So I thought I would share some knowledge with you. [BREAK]

The very first thing you need to be aware of is that Camden Town is the Tube Stop you want to get off at. It is on the Northern Line. Depending where you are staying this can be very simple or highly complicated! My best suggestion is to download Journey Pro London. It is a free app on iTunes and will plan out your journey for you on the Tube, Overground and buses. This does require internet to function so it is also handy to have the free London Tube App as well.

What I found most exciting about is that you can haggle! Now I have never been to a market where you can haggle so this was a very strange thing for me. But as Camden has become a huge tourist area, the stall owners always try get a little bit extra off the innocent tourist.

The people running the stalls actually care about you! The customer service at is the best I have found in England. They want to make sure you are getting the Camden experience, loving their stall and that they get a sale out of you. But even if they don't they are willing to give you advice on where to go and what to do. I have made friends with many of the stall owners through these conversations. And received special deals and free food from charming them!

Venturing down along the canals is a must. There is a lot of street art down there as you walk along. A few Banksy pieces and many more. They are absolutely lush. Along the canals is also a lovely spot to have a smoke or set up to have your lunch (if it is not too rainy or muddy).

The infamous Cyber Dog is in the at the entrance to The Stables in the food section - you can't miss it. This is an absolutely incredible shop! It is a futuristic space fetish fashion shop. Embracing fluorescent colours, glow in the dark, alien styled and fun fashion. From caps and t-shirts to hoop dresses and moon boots - Cyber Dog even has a sex section on the bottom floor selling costumes, toys and gizmos. You are not allowed to take photos in Cyber Dog. Be warned - you will get in trouble. The shop itself is a tourist attraction and an amazing experience not to be missed!

I would put Camden Town as one of the must do's of London and I hope my advice guides you to a gorgeous day in Camden Town. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for you!

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