Calls Landing Pub

Calls Landing Pub


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On a visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, we took a wander along the canal to find somewhere for a spot of lunch. After finding a bridge to cross to the trendy "Calls", we found a suitable looking place for a pint and some stew.

The Calls Landing is tucked away with not much in the way of signage on the outside of what is presumably a listed building. Most of the establishments down here appear low-key from the outside.

On entering though, we wandered around looking for a table with suitable levels of lighting, table height and close enough to the window so that we could look out at the canal.

There was another rather funky looking section at the back as well, which was better lit and had some interesting art work on the wall.

In the front by the canal though, we sat down with a couple of pints of real ale and the papers to catch up on what was going on while we waited for our stews.

Sophie tried the rather floral Elizabeth Rose - a beer for a lady if ever I tasted one, while Gray and I had a more nutty brew. They were both good and although this place seems to be a Theakston's pub ,they have guest ales from various breweries it seems.

There were 10 stews on the chalk board, although 2 weren't available when we went. These apparently change with the season. We went for a Oyster Beef and ale stew and a Cumberland sausage variety.

The beef contained more vegetables and variety while the sausage was tasty and the jus (or I believe up here they call it gravy) was rich and moreish. The hunk of bread that came with each was hearty for soaking up the sauce and we were all satisfied (in fact, stuffed and on the verge of food-coma) by the time we finished.

There were a few little things that could be improved, lipstick on a pint pot, fake nails on our seat and the absence of Dave's Big Fish Stew or the mulled cider, both of which sounded delicious. The cider was being warmed up when we got there but took an hour.

Despite these things, we enjoyed our lunch and I think we managed to find a good spot.

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