Caffè Nero, 121 Norfolk Street

Caffè Nero, 121 Norfolk Street


Posted 2016-12-09 by Cameronfollow
I wouldn't normally review a chain restaurant or cafe because usually you find they're all one in the same - but I felt as though this particular store deserved its own. It's not often I like going to these chains; overpriced coffee which isn't anything special is what is normally to be expected from the likes of Costa or Starbucks but I've found myself heading for this Caffè Nero everytime I have some free time, and I'm in the vicinity.

So first of all let's talk about the location. It's extremely central, right next to the peace gardens. It's a few minutes walk from Fargate which is the main shopping street in Sheffield. There's also a smaller Caffè Nero on that street too, but this one just seems different. It has two floors, and the view of the peace gardens from the upper floor is just perfect. As well as how close to the shopping area it is, it's also in the main restaurant area of the city centre (if we're ignoring West Street, which is a little further away). This makes it quite a nice place to sit and decide where you're going to go that evening. As well as the upstairs, which is my preferred choice of sitting, it also has a large downstairs seating area as well as an outdoors one.

That brings me onto my next point: its size. Quite often I find myself debating going into a coffee shop, and deciding that there aren't enough seats so I move on. Wth this particular cafe I've never had such an issue. There are three separate seating areas and all are quite sizeable and comfortable. Once again though I do find the upstairs to be the best both in comfort and in the view it provides.

So now onto maybe the most important thing to consider, the coffee! Well, since it's a chain I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that the food and drinks sold here aren't anything special when compared to other Caffè Nero's - however the customer service provided really makes this place shine. I've met some of the friendliest employees here and never had an unpleasant experience so I can only recommend you visit it if in the area.

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