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Posted 2015-11-16 by Lindsay Lawfollow
What do you when you have 2 and a half hours to kill on a miserable and rainy November day? Pop into in Tollcross for a cosy haven from the autumn rain and enjoy a delicious cake and one of their huge range of teas.

In the student heart of the city, the staff are quite happy to refill your tea pot or water jug while you read, write, or just people watch on the crossroads at Tollcross. There's an eclectic mix of tables and chairs, and you might even find yourself sharing a table with another local doing exactly the same thing as you. It's the kind of place where noone really minds as students tap away at essays or work on a presentation for a seminar.

There's a good selection of savoury and sweet foods. The lady sharing a table with me had a panini and told me it was very tasty. I had the chocolate and cherry cake: it was light, fluffy and delicious. The chocolate cake was balanced with a pink cherry cream. It went very well with the Pukka tea I had selected: Love. According to this range of teas, Love is a delicate balance of rose and lavender. I sweetened it slightly with a touch of sweetener (not available on the table in the sugar bowl, but you can ask for it and the friendly staff will happily provide it).

Don't be caught out, like I was, by the fact it is cash only. But don't worry, there are 3 or 4 ATMs on the crossroads so you should be able to get some money out quite easily. I was waiting for my daughter to finish a show in the nearby King's Theatre, but it's also just across the road from the little Cameo Cinema. Why not grab a coffee and a cake before you see a film?

is a lovely little find, and I will be back during my daughter's next performance.

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