Cafe Bebo, Paradise Forum

Cafe Bebo, Paradise Forum


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Big, airy, woody, and cosy at the same time. Café Bebo (I have no idea about the name) is the firm fixture in Paradise Forum. It's been there for about eight years, and has no sign of going away. This summer they put decking down, so you can enjoy your salad in the sunshine, or enjoy a cigarette while you're having a munch.

The café is reminiscent of a cosy cabin and a condo in Cabo San Lucas. Warm accents such as bronze napkins (fancy), dark wood flooring and tables marries with the spacious, airy quality, which is felt via the equally spacious upstairs seating, and outside smoking and dining areas.

Although the cafe is shiny, and polished, with large glass windows, they won't mind if you turn up a little worse for wear, or suited and booted, ready with your order; the staff are very relaxed, but don't chit chat when there's a queue, save it for a less-busy time.

Now the sign of a good café is measured by the food, and I have tucked into many a breakfasts here, after a good night out. My friends and I tend to wander in in the not-too early hour of 11am, when the hubbub of early breakfast eater have gone and the café is relatively quiet - save for the fellow, (albeit muted), customers who are also recounting their evening. We always visit between 10.45 and 11am, give or take 5 minutes, because there's about a 30 minute window before the rush for lunch begins, and when you're nursing a tired head and tender body the only thing you want is bread, eggs, and copious amounts of tea.

Breakfast is served at your table, and you can help yourself to as much ketchup and brown sauce as you like. Even though breakfast is served all day, go in the morning because it tastes so much better than an English muffin topped with bacon at 2pm. Lunch is also served at your table unless you've ordered take away. I rarely visit Cafe Bebo for midday munchies simply because their breakfasts are the best thing about the cafe, and when you need a standard English fry-up, that is less grease, and more home-made, there's no place better.

If you do visit at lunch time, however, be prepared to wait because although some of the baguettes and salads are half-prepped, there is always a queue. It is worth the wait though because their seasonal turkey, cranberry, and brie baguette is delicious, and they serve it lightly toasted.

Although I'm not a huge fan of their lunches they do a pretty good deal that's hard to beat in the city centre.

There's a reason why I don't lunch at Cafe Bebo very often: they only cater for the unhealthy. Admittedly my friends consider me extreme, but I don't enjoy jacket potatoes, sandwiches, baguettes, or crisps for that matter. If you (like a lot of people), do then great, if not then maybe give them a miss.

With that in mind I have to stress their coffee is good, not incredible, but good enough to wake you up in the morning. Their tea is also surprisingly varied and for £2.20 I enjoyed a small mug of green tea, but you can buy a pot for £3.50 which is in fact better value for money.

Short and memorable, you won't forget Café Bebo in a hurry, especially when it's breakfast time, and you're hungry.

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