Byron Burger Restaurant, Deansgate

Byron Burger Restaurant, Deansgate


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Byron Burger have been one of the pioneers of the key food trends of 2013; they raised the flag for a fantastic feast of a fast food favourite: the burger. The move towards stylised and impressive fast food has turned a nation of healthy eaters, into junk-lovers, but not as you know it. Instead of greasy foods, which is sold in high volumes and trade in a 'quick profit' way because they buy cheap, and sell cheap, fast food has had a re-vamp. The average burger at Byron's is a juicy and tender, well-reared piece of meat with free range ingredients, and (now), commonly encased in a patisserie favourite: a brioche bun. Byron pay homage to the sesame seeded bun, but also use hand-rolled dough, and where possible, use local meat, and fresh ingredients, and specially made sauces.

The London-based company branched out earlier this year and bought their simple, but fine food menu up North, on to Manchester's good food area: Deansgate. The bright decor has brightened up one of the corners of the busy street, and brought a little American-meets-London cool with it too.

The menu is a mix of seven 'proper hamburgers', which of course includes their classic 6-ounce hamburger with red onion and mayonnaise for £6.75. Their 'veggie' burger is also one of the better attempts I've seen at catering for vegetarians - a grilled Portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper, goat's cheese, baby spinach, tomato, red onion and aioli is encased in a soft bun £7.75.

For two burgers, two sides and three drinks my friend and I paid £22.00, which makes it a pricier fast food joint, but also one of the cheaper restaurants on Deansgate. The burgers satisfy your 'naughty' cravings, and at the same time leave you feeling like you've eaten 'well'. Instead of tummies heavy with the grease and fat, the balance of healthy proteins, and healthy carbohydrates (like the courgette fries).

Salads, side dishes, and milkshakes are also on the menu, but Byron do burgers best, so if you do pop in on a whim, and are considering the classic Caesar salad, then great, but have it as a side dish because the burgers are not to be missed.

They're open late Monday – Sunday too, so if you've got that familiar hankering for a just-made burger, swing by no later than 10pm on Sundays, and just before 11pm Monday – Friday.

Byron Burger is a first for Manchester, which is odd considering it is home to one the largest student populations in the North. Not to be mistaken for a greasy takeaway, however, the crowd is grown up, and for those who are happy to spend their hard earned cash on a well reared piece of meat, resting between two soft buns, along with a cacophony of well thought out toppings. Gone is soggy lettuce, and an off tomato; Byron make it their business to craft a more exciting bite with fresh greens, and garden-grown peppers and tomatoes, which are naturally bright and delicious.

Families are more than welcome at Byron burger because the offer kids the same treatment as the grown ups. Portion sizes are designed for age 6 and under, and all dishes are served with French fries. Macaroni cheese, a kids mini 'classic', and chicken burger are available for smaller mouths, as well as vanilla ice cream (1 scoop with chocolate sauce), and a brownie with a blob of cream. (£6.50 for two courses)

Everything from the main menu is available for takeaway too. It seems I'll be fulfilling my dream of serving up a proper American-style dish with aplomb and finesse sooner than I think, and fooling my house mates into thinking I made it all from scratch.

Whoever said fast food was just a fad? Clearly, they haven't heard...Byron is the new kid (literally), on the block, and they're frying up mean patties for every Manchester local in the city.

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