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One of the things I love about living in London is the variety of eating places that you can find just by walking down the street for a couple of minutes. Since I moved here, I have tried so many foreign restaurants I can't even remember what part of the world they came from. Last night was no different, so we ended up eating at Butifarra, a Peruvian restaurant in the heart of Soho.

About the place and the menu

opened a few months ago, but all reviews are pretty positive about the place, and I can definitely see why.

The place is quite small, with only a few tables to sit down, but we were pretty lucky and did not have to wait. I have to say it is more a fast food than a proper restaurant, which is even better if you work or study in the area and you want to try out something different during your lunch break. Plus, the staff is awesome, up to help you if you have no idea what you're reading from the menu. You can also find a list of typical ingredients and sauces they use with a short explanation of each one of them on the menu, which I was really grateful for, since I had no idea what Peruvian food looked like before going there.

The only con that I found is that they do not serve alcohol. You can bring your own bottle and be charged 5£ for it if you want. Or you can enjoy one of their awesome cold press juices, which is way healthier.

But most importantly, about the food

The menu is short but pretty varied. You can choose from meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes. It is basically divided into butifarras (typical Peruvian sandwiches), arepas (a sort of pancake), quinoa salads, and ceviche (fresh raw fish). Plus, they have a variety of extra sides.

You can choose your filling, which is the same for all dishes, except of course for the ceviche. I went with the smoked chicken and chorizo butifarra with some sauce I can't pronounce. The waitress told me it'd be awesome with that so I just trusted her. Of course, she was right and I can't thank her enough.

The bread is awesome, which is something I personally value a lot and that is pretty difficult to find in most London restaurants, and the quality of the ingredients is extremely good.
Each sandwich is pretty big, especially considering the price (more or less £6) and, even though the side isn't included except for a few chips, it does its job. You won't leave the place hungry, I can assure you.

Why Butifarra?

It's a nice change from all the Italian and Chinese restaurants around. Peruvian street food is still pretty uncommon, even in London, but it really is awesome.

The food is cheap, great, and fast. if you're out for shopping in Oxford Street, it's only a few minutes walk. You can also keep it healthy. if you're on a diet, go with a quinoa salad and a cold press juice. There are vegetarians and vegans alternatives, so the place really is for everyone.

Finally, they are about to open a new site in Edgware Road, so you really can't miss it!

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