Burger and Lobster Restaurant

Burger and Lobster Restaurant


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Burger and Lobster is the combined efforts of Russian owner Mikhail Zelman and Goodman (the impressive steak restaurant chain) General Manager David Strauss. One wanted to expand into burgers, whilst the other wanted to focus on lobsters and yada yada yada Burger and Lobster was born. Zelman and Strauss have successfully branched out, with several restaurants and have ensured the price is affordable for Londoners.

With a no-reservation policy, you are welcomed at the venue with friendly staff who will take your details and lead you to a drink at the bar. Once your table is ready you are called and before you know it you are scanning the menu for your meal choices.

A simple, straightforward menu is available. Three main choices are burger, lobster or lobster roll. All come with a side salad and chips.

Having heard so much about this venue and eagerly wanting to try everything, my partner and I decided to share the lobster and burger (half and half). A set price of £20 per option was not a bad tag either.

Our waiter was very informative and made us feel very welcome.

An impressive factor at the busy restaurant was the extremely quick turnaround. We had barely been sitting for fifteen minutes and our meals were in-front of us, already perfectly halved for consumption.

The grilled lobster was accompanied with a garlic, herb, butter sauce which complimented the succulent lobster.

The 6oz beef burger was cooked medium and topped with bacon, cheese and salad. Biting into this was a slight struggle, due to the size, but well worth it. The meat was cooked to perfection, whilst the salad was fresh and the bacon crispy.

Burger and Lobster has been around for three years and is always jam packed with tourists, especially at its prominent Soho location.

Priced reasonable for the items that you are given, Burger and Lobster does pride itself on fresh lobster and 100% British beef sourced from organic farmers.

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