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Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Quite literally!

From small beginnings as a pop-up, borne out of one guy's love for tiny food trucks and big dreams, is inspired by authentic Indian street food and now has three venues in and around the Northwest. (Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds)

is an experience. Friendly, exciting and inviting from the off. It's casual veggie street food, done right, original Desi style.

If you love a food pun as much as I do then you're in for an absolute treat here, because their tongue in cheek brand is currently sporting a range of slick merch too, including prints, tees, bar blades and more.

On the day I visited, staff were proudly rocking flag t-shirts, (with 100% of profits going directly to comics youth , a local charity supporting marginalised and disadvantaged young people) – a nice touch, giving a nod to 's whole ethos.

So, on to the food. Veggie Indian street food and craft beer. What's not to love?

You'll quickly notice loads of great potential beer and snack combos that'll leave your head spinning (in a good way!) and there's an impressive list of craft beers and IPA's available, many of which are vegan (including the intriguing oat milk IPA)

To avoid decision fatigue, I'd suggest making a beeline to your friendly bar staff for recommendations if you're spoilt for choice.

True to its street food roots, every dish at is under £10 and innkeeping with the aesthetic, dishes are ALL served in recyclable pots (food snobs beware and keep your distance if you're expecting fine china dining!)

Having said that, don't judge a book by its cover - this isn't your average chain restaurant. And what they lack in silverware, they more than makeup for in taste and flavour! The quality of food is on point and it's clear that and every tasty dish on the menu has been carefully selected. The portion sizes are modest and rich, yet very filling and moreish.

Peruse the menu and you'll find everything from dhal delights to the popular Bundo Chaat. There's something to keep everyone happy – yep, even Northerners! With a self-confessed pie lover in tow, the raghda pethis was a delicious and unexpected highlight involving spicy mushy peas & melt in the mouth potato cake.

The creamy signature Pav Bhaji was just as much a treat for the taste buds as it was for the eyes with its vivid pops of colour, while the paneer Kadai was another firm favourite, served with fresh bhatura which was cooked to perfection. If you're not feeling a curry or dhal and bar snacks are more your thing then I'd highly recommend the moreish okra fries. A refreshing twist on regular chips, these are crunchy, salty, deliciousness – enough said!

seems the perfect addition to Bold Street's culinary charm. Simply put? It's pure veggie spice paradise and is currently winning more awards then you can shake a bhaji at (including being listed as one of the Sunday Times' Top 25 Vegetarian Restaurants .)

Sure, veggie street food isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but suffice to say it's certainly won me over. Long live Bundo!

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