Visit Buckingham Palace

Visit Buckingham Palace


Posted 2017-06-09 by Laurenfollow

London has always been on of my favourite cites to visit, not because it is the capital, but because it filled with a unique atmosphere. I have never been the one to care much about the British Royal Family, so the thrill to see Buckingham Palace has never been an interest but on this trip, it was one my favourite highlights.

My boyfriend of a year has never had the glory of seeing the sights of London, until the last May bank holiday. He's always been under the protection of his mum, as she fears the worst, but we booked a hotel and our train tickets as any normal twenty-one year old would.

First class train tickets aside, we entered London st Pancreas with glee and purchased the underground tickets, since it is the fasted way to travel around the city. Our first stop was the Natural History Museum, which after the jaw-dropping dinosaur exhibition, we got lost through the maze of human biology. Once we were done, He asked me if we could go Buckingham Palace. I sighed, unexcited but I said yes.

We arrived at the Buckingham Palace, I had to admit it was beautiful building but I didn't see the fascination until I looked at my boyfriend. I looked at him, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly parted as he said wow, he looked like a big kid. He threw his phone at me, begging for me to take pictures. We must have been there for over half an hour, snapping pictures, watching and most of all laughing.

That day, I understood the fascination. It wasn't like Big Ben where you see it on T.V on New Year's Eve or it wasn't number Ten Downing Street that you see on the news. It was building that you could grasp the whole of London in unity. It was a building that united people of all race, gender, age and religion. It was a place where you felt a sense of warmth and happiness as you watch all skip with excitement. It was a place where it shaped and defined the idea and expectations of the unique city,

For the rest of the day, I didn't care what was thrown at me, because I got to see my boyfriend experience the typical tourist sights of London, with pure happiness.

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