Britannia Hotel

Britannia Hotel


Posted 2016-09-28 by Sightseeingsuzfollow
We booked this hotel for a one night stay as we were flying to Las Vegas early one Saturday and the drive from North Wales at stupid o'clock in the morning was more than we could bear. Also: it meant I could arrive in Manchester and have a glass (or two) or wine without worrying about getting snarled up in M56 traffic or, you know, being jailed for being over the limit the next day. I've got my priorities right.

The hotel is a short 8 minute drive from T3 and has a massive on site multi storey car park, where, as it would seem, you can abandon your car anywhere outside the white lines and literally fly away and leave it there. Anyway, hardly the hotel's fault for the dreadful parking but, good Lord, it was poor.

Check in was swift and efficient and the WIFI code was emblazoned across all surfaces at Reception. I hate having to ask for it, so this is always a positive in my book. Staff was very friendly; room numbers issued, and directions given quickly.

The open plan reception consists of the desk, with a pool table and seating off in a cove to the left; a lovely and well lit bar to the right, and the restaurant just off this.

Lifts were very efficient and automatic lighting along the corridors illuminated the way to our room. The bedroom itself (standard double) was pleasantly decorated, with ample storage space; a great range of lighting and great old fashioned, but quality, hard wood furnishings that are so often missing in hotels these days. I love character and can't abide IKEA stlye generic white melamine that became the bane of my life while I inspected hotels for VisitScotland.

The room was clean and tidy; as was the bathroom and, aside from the shower being ever so slightly weak in the power department, the water was a decent temperature and the towels were fluffy (so important!).

Room service is available, but we chose to check out the Palatine Restaurant, which we both enjoyed. I ordered Chef's Curry, which was quite watery, but tasty. Les ordered steak and eggs, which he reported back that he would gladly have eaten another plate of.

The waiter we had was foreign, although with great English, and was really sweet and attentive. He made sure we were taken care of at all times and his service was really excellent. We didn't encounter a single British member of staff during our entire stay and they were all fantastic.

Complain all you like about people 'coming over here, taking our jobs', but if they do it better than we do, I'm 100% behind it. The staff really was superb and I love that my lasting image of Manchester is that it's clearly a very diverse city. What can possibly be negative about that? Nothing; that's what.

Checkout was, well...basically us staggering, all sleepy eyed out of the hotel at 6am, accompanied by a rather too cheery goodbye from the man on reception. Seriously; who's that upbeat at such an ungodly hour?

Anyway, the hotel car park, although pretty right for space (because of all the bad parking) was easy to get out of and, with that, we drove off out into the sunset.

Actually, we drove off out to the airport, but that's not got quite the same ring to it, has it?

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