The Breakfast Club, London Bridge

The Breakfast Club, London Bridge


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There's much talk about The Breakfast Club at London Bridge. Serving breakfast all day to locals and passers-by who know about it, it's a glammed-up, breakfast and all-day brunch venue. After lunching there not long ago I wouldn't hold your breath, but if you're desperate to be seen there, and wouldn't mind a bit of breakfast at 4pm in the afternoon, this is the spot.

There's a Breakfast Club in Shoreditch as well as Soho, but my cousin and I were around London Bridge a few weeks ago and our weekend brunch idea hadn't quite gone to plan. We found The Breakfast Club and thought we'd go in and find out what all the fuss was about.

Firstly, there was a queue. We weren't too bothered, but we were hungry. My cousin assured me however, the size of the queue (five people in front of you) was due to The Breakfast Club's impeccable reputation.

Despite what my cousin had 'heard' I didn't agree with The Breakfast Club, nor did I buy into the hype. It was average, nothing special. I think the busy-ness of the place let it down because our waitress' service bordered on the line of forced and she forgot my cousin's drink. Granted they were busy, but poor service grates on me like a serrated knife.

Nonetheless the food was good. Portions were fairly sized and everything was pretty tasty. I chose the smoked salmon with eggs on toast and was served poached, runny egg. Sadly, my toast was hard, but thankfully the smoked salmon was somewhat of a distraction. The avocado was the hero of my dish. Thickly diced and seasoned with lime and a little bit of chilli. It spread well on the toast and gave it a freshness and zing against the protein elements.

Everything seemed to go up from there, though. My titled 'green' drink was a thick smoothie of mango spinach and apple juice. It had just enough apple juice to stop it being too-sweet.

There's a fair bit of hype around The Breakfast Club and I can't understand why. It offers nothing-special food and we paid average prices for this part of the city. I'd have rather have paid less for a cosier setting, with attentive staff.

They didn't hurry us out, but didn't notice we'd left either. I wasn't impressed, but I left full and arguably well fed.

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