Bodean's BBQ Soho

Bodean's BBQ Soho


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If the idea of a pig on a spit doesn't tickle your fancy then do not go any further. Bodean's BBQ is a meat paradise for busy Londoner's. Beware vegetarians, not a place you would like in the slightest.

Bodean's is a BBQ haven of delicious meats and a selection of drinks, including craft beers.

Located in four different areas around London (Soho, Tower Hill, Fullham and Clapham) makes access to this carnivore heaven easy for all. The Soho branch is one of the most central and jam packed of them all, if you can get past this you will realise that the venue's food is definitely worth the wait.

You know you are on the right track to the American style diner, when you see the neon pig. Enter the venue and you will be greeted by friendly staff who will direct you to your table. If there is not one available they will advise you to have a drinks and wait. The wait is not too much of a hassle as it is here you can enjoy a cold beverage of the alcoholic kind.

A selection of craft beers (for those of you who don't know, craft beers are produced in smaller breweries that have limited stock, sometimes as few as six barrels can be produced at these locations) can help wind up the wait. Choose from the Brooklyn Lager, the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or the Blue Moon, just to name a few. All varying in flavours, you are sure to find one that suits.

Once in and at your table, you will find a great teaser menu selection comprising Buffalo Wings, Spare Ribs or 'Thunder' Thighs.

Be sure to pick the the wings. If you are into spice I would recommend you get them hot. All wing selections come with a blue cheese sauce that compliment the spice of the wings effortlessly.

It is not until you work your way down the menu that you see what makes Bodean's so good. Their pulled pork sandwiches. I would recommend the Soho Special, crispy and fleshy pieces of pulled pork, decked out with cheese and a side of fries. Absolutely perfect.

Once you dig your teeth into this sandwich you are hit with a tasty treat of slow cooked pork with just the right amount of crisp. It is no wonder that Bodean's was once voted "Best Sandwich in London'' by Capital Radio.

A great atmosphere, quality food and service are big in my books and Bodean's BBQ gets a big green tick from me. Hopefully I have convinced you to head over to Bodean's and see what all the fuss is about.

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