Go Ape at Black Park

Go Ape at Black Park


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Go Ape is an exciting outdoor adventure experience.

The Black Park Go Ape experience consists of a Treetop Adventure, Segway tours and Nets Kingdom.

The Treetop Adventure is exactly what the title suggests, it's an adventure in the treetops from tree-to-tree along wobbly bridges, obstacles, high wires and zip lines. It is split into two courses; one course for juniors and one for everyone else.

The Tree Top Junior course is for adventurers who are over 1 metre tall, with no minimum age required to take part. This course is not as high up in the trees as the other course and more family orientated but still challenging and equally as fun.

The longest zip line is 65.5 metres, the highest platform is 4.3 metres, the longest crossing is 21.4 metres and the total course length is 453 metres.

Adult supervision is required and you can find out more information about ratios by clicking here and scrolling down to 'Tree Top Junior'.

My youngest had the best time and so did I! You get an hour on the course and can go round as many times as you want in that hour. When your confidence builds, you will then test yourself to do each section quicker, with no hands or try it with your eyes shut! You can't fall off as you are attached the whole time and you do not need to move any safety lines as you progress through the course. You only become unattached when you are finished and back on the ground.

The other course has a minimum height and age requirement of 1.4 metres and 10 years.

It is double the length of the junior course at 1000 metres. The longest zip wire is 166 metres, the highest platform is 11 metres and the longest crossing is 25 metres.

Before you are given free reign on the course, you are given your equipment and safety gear. You then have a safety briefing and trained how to use the equipment and on course etiquette.

Anyone can view the course from below and can follow you around if not all of your party want to partake in it.

This course is challenging and it will encourage you at times to use your critical thinking skills to complete each obstacle. Stability is a key skill to have and so is perseverance.

There are zip lines throughout the course which take you from the high canopy to ground level. Some of the obstacles start from the forest floor and you have to climb up to the tree tops again.

You can take as long as you like to finish your self-guided journey, but generally it takes between 2-3 hours.

Our party thought it was brilliant fun; the course was impressive with some really easy obstacles and some really hard bits to negotiate (there are options for easier routes) and would be an activity we would all do again.

Now a bit about Nets Kingdom.

Imagine a wonderland of elevated nets in-between the trees that all interconnect in a labyrinth of passageways with treehouses dotted around. Add some climbing nets, a big tunnel slide and super-springy trampoline nets and giant balls to dodge. This is Nets Kingdom.

This area is opposite the Go Ape kiosk where you pay for all activities. It is fully enclosed with benches and seating underneath the nets and a cafe selling hot drinks and snacks.

The minimum age to play is 1 and if your child is under 4 years old, an adult has to participate.

Every Friday (excluding school holidays), they run sessions for just parents and toddlers between 10am-12pm. This may be a good option if you have young children as it does get busy and there were lots of older kids there when we visited.

The treehouses are a great resting spot between the netted walkways or a fab place to hide.

There are several different entrances to get to the elevated nets including long passageways and a 9 metre high net climbing tower.

The session was 2 hours and that was plenty long enough. It is exhausting.

There are also Segway tours you can do around the huge forest at Black Park. We didn't do one, so cannot comment, but it looked really good fun too.

There will be lots of laughter and thrills at Go Ape whichever activity you choose.

More information is available here.

There is a small cafe located by the pay kiosk and a much bigger cafe with far more choice of food and beverages on the opposite side of the lake (a 10 minute walk away).

There is plenty of Pay and Display parking available on site.

Another reason to visit Black Park is the wildlife you may encounter. We have seen deer, squirrels and turtles but there are many more animals and birds that you may be lucky enough to see.

Did you know? Black Park backs on to Pinewood Studios where the James Bond movies and Star Wars sequels are filmed. You can see the 007 Stage from the road when you drive past. Many scenes from the Harry Potter film series were filmed at Black Park and Midsomer Murders was regularly filmed in and around the lake areas. Black Park has been used as a on-location film set for many years and there could be film unit there the day you visit.

There really so many reasons to visit Black Park and enough to do to get you to return again and again.

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