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Posted 2013-07-31 by Simone Ribeirofollow

Imagine backing on time - more precisely from Victorian era to the beginning of Industrial years - and understanding a bit more about how life used to treat working-class people in England. It wasn't an easy life but it was certainly an interesting part of European history.

Back to Back Terrance were houses where most of the English working -classes used to live for a long period here.

Unfortunately, most of these buildings, once spread all over the country, now are demolished, but it's still possible to visit some of them in Birmingham due to the extraordinary work done by the National Trust to preserve the place located in the Chinese Quarter.

During this fascinating tour, that normally takes two hours, visitors can see inside of three houses that are presented by different periods of history, from 1840's to 1970's.

Back to Back houses were considered by many as "slums" because of their poor conditions. They were named like this for being built back to back to another, usually built around a shared courtyard.

They were small and used to have big families sharing the rooms. The houses remained in Birmingham are very well-preserved and they portrait exactly how life used to be those times. The house number 3 had a very interesting resident. His name is George and you will be fascinated by his legacy to Back to Backs.

You're not allowed to take photos inside the properties but the visit itself is already a journey back to life those difficult times. All visits are tour guided and it's necessary to book in advance because they are allowed just eight people maximum for each tour.

You have also access to a beautiful shop where can be found interesting vintage pieces, toys and books.

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