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For those trying to be healthier in the new year, the idea of trying out Veganuary is tempting but may also seem a big step to cut out all dairy as well as meat. That's being made easier with the vegan offerings at Bill's restaurants.

Although there are many vegan options available year-round, there are also some specials added for the Veganuary menu available throughout January. Bill's is trying to lure people over to the vegan side as the restaurant even has an offer to enjoy a vegan dessert for £5 if you order a vegan main from 5pm.

I tried out some of these dishes at in Birmingham and it reflected just how much veganism is taking off that the Veganuary menu has grown from A5 size to A4 this year to include the wider range of choices.

Perusing the menu, I'm struck by the variety of dishes now available. Falafel, veggie wellington, pies and even vegan eggs for a breakfast dish.

There's nine starter options priced between on average £4.50 and £6.25 that include soups like ginger, which comes with roasted focaccia, or wild mushroom with garlic croutons and chives.

There's also a range of bread, olives and hummus dishes such as candy-striped beetroot, kale and red onion hummus on toasted sourdough.

I plumped for the miso aubergine fritters that is a plentiful plate of delicious crispy delights topped with mixed seeds that add a lovely crunchy texture to the dish.

Alongside is a delicious smoked chilli and soy dip that marries well with the aubergine flavours. It was enough for two to share if you want to go light and cost £5.95.

Moving on to the mains, there are five options. I went for the carrot, cashew nut and mushroom wellington (£11.95), which came in a rather fetching way on a vintage plate with a mini gravy boat (vegan-friendly of course).

Accompanied by a butterbean mash and long stem broccoli, this was a hearty flavoursome dish that would work well as a substitute Sunday roast. It's one of the vegan dishes that is available all-year-round too.

My husband, a big fan of meat and pies, chose the new special of a mushroom and tarragon suet pudding (£11.95) and was pleasantly surprised at the taste of this alternative pie.

While the vegan suet doesn't have the same consistency as a usual pudding, as it's more crispy, he did, however, find it full of flavour and wiped the plate clean.

The pudding was in the centre of a cassoulet of white beans and had a large roasted mushroom perched on top.

Other options available include the other special for Veganuary of a beetroot steak served with a portion of fiery tiger fries, vegan bearnaise mayo and pea shoots (£12.95).

Then there is the regular options of the spiced cauliflower and butternut squash falafel bowl that comes with cauliflower couscous, kale, spring onion & pickled red onion (£11.50) or jackfruit salad bowl that has smoked chilli jackfruit with mixed grains and rice (£11.25).

The pudding list has four options and remember that if you order a main dish after 5pm from the Veganuary menu in January, you get a dessert for £5. Although that will only save you money if opting for the two more substantial puddings.

While there is frozen amaretto parfait (£6.25), coconut ice cream or lemon sorbet (both £4.95) on the list, we opted for the sticky chocolate pudding with coconut ice cream and a hazelnut crumb(£6.50).

The chocolate pudding melted in the middle and was rich and sumptuous with the coconut ice cream offering a refreshing balance to the palate.

What the vegan food at Bill's emphasises is that the quality of dishes available is high and you won't feel as though you are missing out but rather gaining a new taste experience.

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