Billingsgate Fish Market

Billingsgate Fish Market


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It requires an early start, but if you want to soak up some true London atmosphere, Market/about_billingsgate.htm Billingsgate fish market should hit the spot.

The place has it all – history, energy, characters, colours, chaos and a number of strong odours that'll have your nasal lining twitching in sheer surprise.

Billingsgate market is home to the largest selection of fish in the UK and attracts fishmongers, chefs and restaurateurs from the capital and beyond, arriving at the crack of dawn to get the freshest produce and the best deals for their classy establishments.

Of course, the market sells to the general public too, but most sales are in bulk, so you might get a funny look if you ask for two crabs and a bag of mussels.

If you've got a big freezer at home, you're all set. And if you're prepared to buy in sizeable quantities, you'll be guaranteed some fabulous bargains.

Billingsgate fish market has existed in various locations during its 500 year history. Today it finds itself close to Canary Wharf, occupying an area of 13 acres.

If you can force yourself out of bed at 4am (or how about not going to bed at all?), then you should have no trouble being ready in time for Billingsgate's early 5am start.

Budding photographers and videographers will get a kick out of the goings on here – but Market/tours.htm you'll need to obtain special permission first .

Keep in mind that this is a very busy wholesale market, so be careful not to get in the way. And be respectful with regards to where you stick your lens.

Two top tips:
1 - wear shoes with a grip as the floors are wet and can get slippery.
2 – wear clothes that you won't mind reeking of fish!

The trading will be all but over come 8.30am, so you could always return home or to your hotel and just flop back into bed for a few hours.

More than likely though, you'll be buzzing from the energy of the place, and by the end your stomach will be gagging for a feed. The cafes at Billingsgate will happily see to that, and offer hearty breakfasts at reasonable prices. Haddock and eggs, anyone?

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