Bibimbap Soho

Bibimbap Soho


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When Asian food is on a dinner agenda, it is safe to say Korean is usually a third or fourth thought behind the likes of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. This review will hopefully inspire you to give Korean a chance in the top spot every now and again.

Bibimbap in London's popular Soho district, is one that takes the much loved dish by the same name and slaps an affordable price tag on it. Bibimbap, for those who do not know, is an authentic Korean dish, and luckily enough, the best is found right here. A unique yet unusual point of difference between this restaurant and other Korean restaurants, is that it specialises in the dish. Not only does it specialise in one or two options (beef or vegetarian) but it is home to a variety of ten bibimbap on offer for the eager customer.

Koreans are not only clever with this dish, but with accompanying condiments and drinks. A beer option is the delicious Hite. A light refreshing South Korean beer made from rice and barley malt and for a side dish to make your Bibimbap really come alive with flavour is kimchee, a pickled chilli cabbage, served on the side.

Along with a selection of their staple, Bibimbap also has a selection of entree's such as dumplings, seafood pancakes, ramen noodles and boolgogi to select from.

A friend and I decided to opt for the pancake and also go for the beef Bibimbap. After being seated seated in the cosy downstairs area (the restaurant is split level) we took in the interesting decor. Downstairs is decked with posters of Asian popstars and actors, whilst the initial entry level has polaroids of happy customers.

As we did not have to wait longer than ten minutes before our dishes came to sight, it was interesting to note the efficiency of the staff and the quality of the food. Served piping hot, in a stone bowl was the star attraction. As I frantically split my chopsticks and began mixing in the raw egg as it cooked in the bowl, I added in some chilli sauce, and sesame oil to finish off the perfect healthy meal.

The seafood pancake came out at the same time, and was not overpowering which was ideal. The entree and main was polished off quite quickly leaving both of us satisfied. Priced incredibly well Bibimbap should be a go to for those living in London looking for an alternative asian option for a mid-week treat.

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