The Best Street Food in Sheffield

The Best Street Food in Sheffield


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Whether it's something new or samey, it's all delicious.

As nice as it is to sit down for a nice evening meal, for me street food is probably the best experience. Sure sitting in an authentic Italian restaurant and having a delicious pizza is great, but it doesn't have that same flavour and experience you can find just getting a cheap slice somewhere.. So where are the best places to get street food in Sheffield?


A pork sandwich shop doesn't sound like anything particularly special - but as somebody who enjoys a good one, none of the pork sandwiches I had before Béres came anywhere close in comparison. The prices are decent for a lunch, expect to pay between £3 - £4 depending on the sandwich size you're going for, and be prepared to tell them what you want in your sandwich! (apple sauce, crackling and/or stuffing). Your lunch will be prepared extremely quickly - and it's a good thing too because these stores are usually packed out.

The first shop being opened 1961 (in Sheffield) was just a butchers shop, specialising in beef and pork but soon they gained a reputation for fantastic pork sandwiches - and being the entrepreneurs that they were, founders Sandor and Eileen Béres capitalised on the idea and now own 11 branches in Sheffield, and have been their favourite sandwich for over 50 years!

[U]The Street Food Chef[/U]
II've written an article on them before but no list on street food would be complete without them.

Their fast-food is both healthy and delicious, well known for their burritos for a good reason, they're jam-packed with high-quality ingredients.. every bite will leave you wanting more. But on top of these burritos, they also offer quesadillas and tacos which make for a tasty alternative. Each of their currently 4 stores offer different options depending on their size, due to some of them being 'burrito bars' and others being walk-in type cafes.

If you're a fan of Mexican food this street food is must-have!

Find a street food chef at 90 Arundel Street as well as a number of other locations found on: [BREAK][U]Roses the Bakers[/U]

Different areas of Britain seem to have their own local bakers who dominates the pasty market with Gregg's being the only consistent one.. in Scotland you've got Stephens the bakers, around Lancashire there's Oddies and in Sheffield there's Roses.

For me personally, if you visit a Roses you have to get a sausage roll, they're by far the tastiest I've ever had! But they also have a wide selection of other pastries/sandwiches and for dessert plenty of cakes too and something which impressed me was their soft drink choices, besides the usual coca-cola they also have Fentimans, botanically brewed which are amongst my favourite soft drinks for a good reason (and I am quite the connoisseur).

I usually visit the Roses at 42 Sandygate Road but they have other locations available at:

[U]Twisted Burger Co.[/U]

This company resides in Leeds but has a number of locations in Sheffield, including one at the Moor Market's food court (77, The Moor) just a short walk from my university I can happily say a number of my lunch breaks have been made by a quick visit to this small stall.

All of their burgers are named after famous musicians such as Piggie Smalls - a bacon infused burger patty which as an avid bacon lover I was very excited to try to say the least. It had quite an odd taste, not in a bad way but with the bacon flavour being inside the burger itself rather than having a slice on top really gave it a unique feel, they also sell a number of interesting milkshake flavours which I've unfortunately not had the chance to try yet! I would definitely recommend trying one of these burgers for anyone visiting the Moor Market or any of their other locations found here:

[U]So, what are your thoughts?[/U]

I've lived in this city for a good 3 years now, and although I've been to and tried many of the different restaurants, cafe's and street food venues I'm bound to be missing out on something amazing. What do you think of my choices? Have I missed anywhere?

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