The Best Nightclubs in Manchester

The Best Nightclubs in Manchester


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Whether you're celebrating an event or just looking for a good night with your friends then Manchester has a wide array of clubs at your disposal. What they offer can differ greatly, so for your convenience I have compiled a list of the best clubs in Manchester and reviewed them accordingly.

Joshua Brooks
Probably one of my favourite, JB offers a pub setting upstairs and a club in a basement downstairs. The upstairs closes off after a certain time leaving Joshua Brooks as an underground club with cheap beer and a big crowd. It can get a little bit cramped at times but it does so for a reason.

In my opinion, the best night to go is a Wednesday for Juicy, perfect if you're into hip-hop and RnB. You can see a full listing of what they offer on their website. Entry is usually very cheap at around £3.

Tiger Tiger
This is a big name in terms of night clubs. Tiger Tiger in Manchester is great if you're looking for a big scene, with numerous rooms offering various types of music, big dance floors and plenty of places to get served it is ideal for those of you who go out in big groups.

Their prices are reasonable, particularly on student nights. In terms of music you're looking at typical charts and dance music, with the inclusion of an 80's cheese music room. You can look at the different nights they have to offer on their website.

Their website also has useful information on how to get on the guest list and event planning. Tiger Tiger Website

A rustic night club with the name to match. Appearances aside, it offers a variety of nights and has three different floors each playing their own genres. This is a great place to go if you have a big group, but want to save money. In terms of bars there is one on each floor and the queue's are generally small throughout the night.

In terms of prices, you can see them on the 'Weekly Agenda' on the home page of their website. One thing I love about Factory is how cheap it is, especially before midnight.

Revolution - Deansgate
If you're a bit more of a dress up kind of person, then you'll fit right in at Revs. The club has two floors both of which play remixed dance music, generally the DJ's there know what they're doing as opposed to some places. It is generally an expensive night but the music is good and so is the venue.

You can find out all the details on their website .

You can find details on how to get to most of these clubs via the websites linked in this article.

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