The Best Nightclubs in Sheffield

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Posted 2016-12-10 by Cameronfollow
Sheffield is definitely a student city. With two huge universities — Sheffield Hallam and The University of Sheffield — it's not hard to see why. So, with such heavy demand the nightlife in Sheffield certainly has a lot to offer. There are clubs for any kind of genre or night out you're hoping for. You could be spending £200 on a bottle of vodka in some night clubs or be taking advantage of the £1.50 mixed vodka doubles in certain clubs on certain nights. It's all up to personal preference, and who needs to drink when you can just dance? It's up to you what you do.

Here's my list of the top five night clubs in Sheffield, ranked in order of my own preference.


Being a student myself it's easy to understand why I'd put Plug first; it's definitely a students' nightclub. Their Friday nights are legendary in Sheffield. Named Propaganda, for just a nominal fee of £4 to get in (for students, £5 for others) you get yourself a wide selection of cheap drinks and access to one of the hottest spots in Sheffield.

The warehouse style building is huge, with a number of different ways to get lost (trust me, I have), so keep your friends close. The main dance floor is more like a concert than anything else, with a huge space facing a stage where you'll find your DJ. And it has to be said Plug's own DJs really know how to host a party. You'll be jumping as soon as you hit the floor.

The line outside can get massive past midnight so make sure to get in early, as long as you're not concerned about it being empty. The only issue I've found with Plug is that a lot of offers they give, such as £1.50 double vodkas, only happen before certain times (11:30), which doesn't seem that early. But the club is usually quite empty around that time meaning you're going to be getting hammered before the party even starts, which might turn some people off.

This nightclub mostly just appeals to students due to its low prices and offers tailored towards them, so if you're just visiting the city and don't fancy that scene there are better options.

[U]The Leadmill[/U]

If you're not into the whole student scene The Leadmill might be the club for you, although some nights they will have offers that entice them (and most nights will have quite a few in anyway). The inside is huge with three bars and two dance floors, so if you don't like the music in one room you just head on through to the next and it's an entirely different scene.

They also offer a regulars card for £5 that offers very cheap drinks, which really pays for itself in one heavy night, or two light nights. It's definitely worth buying if you're planning on going there more than once.

Room 1 (the bigger dancefloor) is mostly indie music. Expect to hear the likes of Pulp and Arctic Monkeys, as well as a huge selection of other indie bands in here. If indie music is your thing this is the place to be. Room 2 is more a mishmash or rock'n'roll, soul and rhythm/blues music.

This club is definitely a something for everyone, and I'd highly recommend giving it a chance if you're in town.


They say you'll never leave for a reason. Corp is well known in Sheffield as one of the wildest nights in the city, and what happens in Corp stays in Corp.

If you want to avoid students, don't go on a Wednesday. Quite literally the club will be filled with them. It's their "skool disco", which offers a discount on entry to anyone in a white shirt and tie. Other nights are popular with students too, thanks to extremely cheap drinks and extremely good music. The nights to go are Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The floors are notoriously sticky so wear shoes you won't mind ruining!

[U]The Viper Rooms[/U]

If you're looking for something a little more adult, then look no further! Advertised as "a disgracefully grown up night out", The Viper Rooms is known for it's Tuesday nights with their normal glamorous night out, but at student prices.

Besides their Tuesday nights, Saturday is also a great time to go down, spoiling their guests with 2 for 1 on all drinks (between 4 and 9) or 2 for 1 on cocktails before 11pm. They also host DJs such as Simon Brown, DJ Loz and Greg Trowman

[U]Honourable Mentions[/U]

The nightlife in Sheffield is amazing really, there's so much choice you could experience something new every night. Clubs worth mentioning are Code (right beside Plug this club also draws a large student crowd; Players (offering cheap cocktails, DJs and professional dancers this night is incredibly fun, find it on West Street); and last but not least, Walkabout. Notorious for the types of crowds it draws, don't be put off. If you fancy going crazy to the classics, singing along to Mr. Brightside and Don't Stop Me Now amongst huge crowds of people also singing, this is the place for you.

If you've visited these places or have any you'd suggest are better, we'd love to hear it.

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