Best Charity Shops in London

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Posted 2012-08-23 by Retired Writer 215300follow

This morning I woke up and realised that the jeans that I had been wearing for a couple of years now were finally starting to show some wear. And my mother has been on my case concerning my shoes for months now. In her eyes, a young lady shouldn't always be wearing 'termite killers' as she likes to call my sneakers.

It really is not my fault that I dislike shopping so much. I rather like to play sports or meet friends in town. Once in a while, having to go shop can no longer be avoided though.

I live outside London and so Oxford Street (London's famous shopping street) is not always easily accessible to me. I don't always like large stores such as Primark because of the many crowds, the stuffy air, and since I'm a student the prices often scare me. So what option do I have?

Then it hit me. *Charity Stores.* A great solution to my problem. And what's best, the town I'm living in has at least six different charity shops. And so I took my friend and stopped by some of them. We visit Oxfam (UK's leading charity fighting global poverty), Cancer Research UK, and the British Red Cross . By the end of the day, I had 5 shirts, 2 dresses, 1 coat, and a handbag. My best buy was a long evening gown at Oxfam for 6 pounds. I spent around forty pounds and my money contributed to charities for disabled children, animals and families in need.

If you had to ask me which charity shop is the best, I will tell you that they are all great. What the shop sells, depends on what the community donates to them. So you might enter a charity shop and be lucky or for that day, you might be unlucky.

Happy Shopping!

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