What's London's Best Airbnb Rental

What's London's Best Airbnb Rental


Posted 2018-02-28 by Thom Sfollow

Airbnb has become a great option when you're travelling. Sometimes you can get a great apartment all to yourself for a fraction of the price of a hotel. Other times Airbnb offers a cheap option that means you can still travel even if you're on a budget, who cares if you end up on a sofa bed? We've got a few ideas of the different types of Airbnb rentals you can come across, but we want to know your best experiences in London, and the places that are really worth checking out.

The Stylish Steal
These are usually the 'entire place' bookings. You'll find yourself in an apartment or a terrace house. There's art on the wall, a comfortable bed, sometimes there will even be food stocked in the fridge. To stay in a hotel room with this kind of quality and these amenities you'd be forking out way more, but you can get a comfortable and stylish option for a quarter of the price. As Airbnb gets more popular, these places are more of a rarity. People seem to have realised they can charge a premium for their quality spots, so if you can snap one up you're in for a treat.

The Lounge Room Saving
These are the Airbnb rentals that were probably once on Couchsurfing.com until someone realised that they could not only host travellers on their lounge, but also make a but of money at the same time. You might find yourself on a mattress on the floor, a fold out sofa in a communal living room, or even pitching a tent in someone's backyard. The quality isn't important, because the money you save on accomodation can be spent on fun things to do around town.

The Social Butterfly
At these sort of places neither price nor quality are your top priorities. Instead you're more interested in where your host has travelled to, what food recommendations they can offer, and whether they're going to take you on a guided tour round the city before nightfall. Some of the best Airbnb experiences aren't about the bed you slept on, but about the people you meet. Finding somewhere with a friendly host (or hosts) can make you feel like you're staying with friends, and can give you some much needed local knowledge for exploring the city.

So what kind of places are your favourite Airbnbs? Don't just let us know the type, share the best places you've stayed in London and let us know why the experience was so great. There can be plenty of hits and misses when you're hunting for accomodation on line, so help the best places stand out - you'll just have to hope they're not booked out next time you're in town.

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