The Bell & Brisket

The Bell & Brisket


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The Bell & Brisket is home to some of the best salt beef bagels going around London. Currently with their pop-up van set up at at The Dukes Head in Highgate and not-so-long-ago at the famous food markets down at South Bank.

Through KERB (the hub usually near South Bank,and home to the many strands that make up this roaming food world) The Bell & Brisket have been happily feeding patrons of this wonderful city for years.

2010 was the year that Bel Shapiro left her job and embarked on, what would be, a bourgeoisie-ing business, with a cult following to rival that of the infamous bagel shop in Brick Lane.

Inspired by stories from her father's visits to Blooms in his younger days, Bel set about developing a menu that respected the traditional delivery of salt beef, but gave it her own unique London twist. Focusing on not just the beef, but the pickles that crunch alongside it and the beer to wash it all down with, she was on to a winning combination. Four years on and The Bell & Brisket is going strong.

I had the pleasure of indulging in this salty goodness when I popped over to South Bank with my fiance to check out the crazy upside down cow that is home to London's Udderbelly festival of comics and live acts. Smelling the delicious street food stalls and witnessing all the glorious foods on offer, I knew I had come to the right place to curb my hunger pains.

As we were walking along the Thames riverside it was the subtle sound of a blow torch melting cheese on flavoursome salt beef that captured my attention. I had to have one.

Scanning The Bell & Brisket menu I went in for The Lord Rupert. This allowed me to not only try their salt beef, but was teamed with pickled cabbage, gherkins and melted cheddar. Heaven.

Choosing the plan bagel to encase this delicious fusion of street food, I took my first bite. The fresh bagel and the smokey melted cheddar over the salt beef and the crunchy pickles were all mixed to perfection and highly appetising for the palate.

For under £10 and for decent sized bagels with fresh ingredients, this is a hot sandwich that you must try.

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