Beauty and the Beast at Belgrade Theatre - Review

Beauty and the Beast at Belgrade Theatre - Review


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Wed 24 Nov 2021 - Sat 08 Jan 2022

Coventry's panto was sorely missed last year and delighted audiences are welcoming it back to the Belgrade Theatre. Created by Iain Lauchlan, the pantomime is one of the city's institutions, indeed Lauchlan has been at the forefront of the show for more than 20 years so that youngsters who sat in the theatre two decades ago are now bringing their own children.

And the audiences know what to expect. Lauchlan is writer, director and dame - and panto runs through his blood. The show has all the expected ingredients, all the usual gags and the dame is – well the dame.

This year it is Beauty and the Beast and, as Dame Dolly Mixture, Lauchlan's costumes are fantastic – one moment a bag of Dolly Mixtures, another a Liquorice Allsort and even a Pick and Mix counter – imaginative, colourful and with excellent detail. In the role, Lauchlan is clearly delighted to be back on stage, revelling in silly puns, the odd nod and a wink and plenty of mayhem.

Also, a panto stalwart with ten years of shows now notched up is Craig Hollingsworth in the role of comedy sidekick Silly Billy. He is daft but loveable, chatting to the audience, enrolling them in a bit of help at various points and constantly being the butt of the jokes.

There are lively performances across the board. Peter Watts is hugely caricatured as the macho Maurice but he is a loveable rogue, more of a dafty than a real baddy. Sion Lloyd, well hidden behind his Beast costume, is a roaring menace but with a heart hidden deep inside that woolly coat.

Ruby Eva is the charming Beauty, whose love for her father means she will put her own happiness at risk, Miriam Grace Edwards is a fun-filled companion to Maurice and Katy Anna Southgate is a vampish Enchantress who constantly tries to remind the Beast to improve his manners.

Designed by Mark Walters and created by Belgrade Production Services, the sets are lavish – giant animal heads adorn the gates to the Beast's castle while the village is as bright and colourful as a packet of dolly mixtures.

As always it is all served up with bucket-loads of silliness which is precisely what the audiences come for. Coventry is one of the first Christmas shows to open and runs until early January and, if this panto is an example of what we can expect across the board during the festive season, it is going to be a fun few weeks.

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