Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Cottage

Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Cottage


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Beatrix Potter is loved worldwide for her amazing children stories and illustrations, which has brought more than 3 million people to visit her Hill Top cottage in the Lake District. In 1905, Beatrix bought Hill Top cottage after falling in love with the Lake District and its outstanding landscape. Beatrix spent many years at this cottage gaining inspiration for her stories from the villages and animals surrounding her home.

In Beatrix's beloved Hill Top cottage, guests can view the desk where she wrote her stories with her slippers still remaining under the chair and all of her untouched belongings from 1913. Walking into the cottage is like stepping back in time and viewing what inspired Beatrix to become the renowned writer she once was and still is today.

After visiting her home you can take a stroll around the cottage garden, where characters such as Tom Kitten played in the stories she wrote and became famous for. The garden and wall from the story can still be recognized by visitors today. The exterior and interior of the cottage is also illustrated in the story 'The Tale of Samuel Whiskers.' The garden has spectacular views of the countryside and the lake which inspired Beatrix to write and many other writers that still visit.

In the summer I suggest that you visit the tea house by Hill Top cottage, where you can unwind whilst watching the views. You can also see the rabbits hop around the countryside from here, which inspired Beatrix to write about Peter Rabbit.

The village Hill Top and Hawkshead nearby have many shops that supply Beatrix Potter books, gifts and exclusive items for souvenirs so that you can always remember your trip. If you would like to discover more about what inspired Beatrix Potter, make sure that you also pick up a leaflet with the Beatrix potter trail map that guides you on a walk around Hill Top.

On your journey you will see some of the real buildings and features that have appeared in Beatrix's tales. You will come across Anvil Cottage, which is famously known from 'The Tale of Samuel Whiskers' and close to this is the post box from 'Peter Rabbit's Almanac.' The Ginger and Pickles shop is also on the corner that appears in 'The Tale of Ginger and Pickles.' If you walk further down the road you will also come across the Tower Bank Arms from 'The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck' and the old post office from 'The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan.' Most famously known however is Tom kitten's gate from 'The Tale of Tom Kitten.'

Whilst you are exploring Beatrix Potter's home town I can also strongly recommend visiting The Beatrice Potter gallery in Hawkshead. This gallery displays all of Beatrix's original ink artwork of 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' and is therefore any fans ideal place to visit. The whole of the National Trust's collection of Beatrix Potter's original water colour paintings and sketches are on display in this gallery. You can also admire some of the Potter family photos to uncover more about her family's history. The building that the gallery is situated in was also once the law office of Beatrix's husband and it still has its original furnishings.

Overall, the Lake District is the perfect place for a Beatrix Potter fan to visit with all her amazing history to be explored. Around every corner you will notice something found in one of her most loved stories and fall in love with the Lake District like Beatrix Potter once did. The Hill Top cottage allows fans to see behind the scenes of Beatrix's stories and discover what made her one of the best known authors in history.

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