Bar Seven

Bar Seven


Posted 2012-12-05 by Bryony Smithersfollow

Nestled between two unassuming Victorian houses on Blenheim Terrace, opposite the likes of Halo and The Quilted Llama, it is easy to overlook this quaint, student friendly bar/restaurant. Housing the restaurant space upstairs on street level, and the basement Ibiza bar, this destination is suitable for night and day trips.

Having visited their restaurant once before on a whim, sampling their delicious Pineapple Mojito and their strong yet fruity take on the Singapore Sling with layers of gin, cherry brandy, Cointreau, angostura bitters, grenadine syrup, lime and pineapple juice, I was hooked. Plus at 2 for £7, their cocktails are well worth the money.

Each cocktail comes with a simple, two word description to make selection simpler than the usual cocktail menu; the long and strong options are definitely the best value for money. And for those of you looking for Christmas present ideas, they offer a cocktail making session from £30 per person in which you make and then drink your own cocktail creations.

On my second trip we ventured downstairs for cocktails. Here I sampled the Caipirinha, Brazil's national drink made from cachaça (sugar cane rum), sugar and muddled lime; this beast will knock you down unless you treat it with respect and sip it slowly but it is delicious. I also sampled their classic cosmopolitan. I expected it to come in the typical small martini glass however here it was the same size as the other cocktails, in a half pint glass, making it well worth the money. On arrival we also got a round of free Harry Potter shots made with Vodka and Cointreau, the spectacle was incredible; a slice of orange was placed on top, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and the glasses were lit, filling all your senses with the tastes and aromas of Christmas.

And for those of you looking for food whilst you drink, they offer a varied Mediterranean tapas menu.

The staff are friendly and welcoming; the lower bar was opened especially for us. It is intimate and small in size but the décor is sleek and inviting. The staff go out of their way to make your night out memorable, with free shots and the strength of the cocktails tailored to suit your individual taste (on request). This bar come grill come cocktail bar is well worth a visit!

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