Bakery at Morrisons, Pleck

Bakery at Morrisons, Pleck


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You wouldn't think of Morrison's supermarket, when you think of artisan bread, but think again. It has had somewhat of a turnaround. In this Walsall, Pleck store you'll find artisan specialities and classic breads baked to a professional standard.

The range of bread in the Market Street Bakery is unbelievable. They sell familiar bread like white farmhouse, baps, sliced, unsliced, rolls and muffins. And then there's the more artisan bread.

Polish bloomer, pumpernickel bread, sourdough boule, spelt, rye and wheat bread, which I know is absolutely delicious. Rosemary and potato loaf is one of the new bakes, and the others at 400g each, are only £1.00.

The wholemeal farmhouse loaf, granary, white bloomer, crusty seeded bloomer, all cost 75p. They also sell Oktoberfest bread which comes in quarter sizes (75p), which is perfect if you only get through such an amount in a week.

Amongst the bread is the bakery goodies such as iced fingers, fruit tea cakes (55p), apple and cinnamon scones, cheese scones, pain aux chocolat. The fancy comes sliced walnut and sunflower bread. Honey and sunflower star bread, iced fruit fingers, cheese and tomato foccacia.

They've just released their Christmas range. Find stollen, chocolate chip pannetone, and what I'm excited to try: black treacle star bread.

I wouldn't say I'm a huge bread-eater, but when there are four large cheese and onion baps for £1.00, I become quite the carbivore. 6 white rolls, 69p.

It's as cheap as they come. If you've got a large family, or you simply enjoy good bread, Morrison's provide a value-for-money deals. The pricing is the best you'll find this side of the Midlands.

There is a coburg cob, and sliced sesame seed plait, at 75p. Great fresh bread and great value. If you get through a lot of bread, the bakery is perfect. If you're not a huge bread eater, however, the bread freezes really well if you want to eat it at a later date. You can buy it on the day, store it in the freezer, and once defrosted, it will be just as good. That said, the bakers make their bread fresh every day, and even the exciting new bakes are marked down later on in the day to ensure it gets sold and eaten on the day it was baked.

It sounds a bit silly that I'm talking about bread in a supermarket, but this is Wednesbury first, and you can't get the high quality of breads on offer outside of the city centre, so if you live nearby, let your senses lead you to the yummy baked goods.

See if your daily slice can be turned into something more exotic (like hedgehog bread), with a fresh loaf bought from your local supermarket.

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