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for most people who visit regularly is known for its array of shots or 'shooters'. As a bar gone club it sits in the middle of the Fallowfield area and becomes a place for large groups of people later in the evenings, probably for its large capacity and drinks menu. The overall feel of is laid back one, the staff are generally friendly and handy with making shooters and the venue itself is well kept.

The shooters that are offered come in a menu format, with special names to go with each one, such as the 'Assassin' and 'Jellyfish'. The are usually an assortment of spirits and syrups in a shot glass and range from the fruity, gentle variety to the more hardcore, perhaps horrible tasting kind. Having interesting names such as 'Brain Damage' fails to numb the pain of having congealed Irish Cream on the top of your shot but it keeps the night interesting.

The downstairs of boasts a 'common room' feel to it, with a pool table, seating and a bar. This may be true, but finding a seat at busier hours is no easy task, and whilst there is another floor above its primary use is as a dance-floor. There are facilities for large parties of people, such as an upstairs room that caters for big events, with space for 120 people, room for a DJ and a bar in its own area, upstairs and away from the rest of the venue. This would be ideal for birthdays or any other occasions.

Baa bar has plenty to offer as a bar or nightclub in the centre of Fallowfield. It is very close to student accommodation and the drinks are by no means expensive. If you're looking for anything but shooters you would likely be best served going elsewhere, but for a good party atmosphere and plenty of choice is a great place to head.

You do require a valid ID to gain entry and will have to be 18 or over.

For any other information you might need, you can have a look at the website for .

You can also get yourself a heads up on what drinks you can expect by looking at their menu on their website.

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