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For a night out to be deemed 'good', let alone 'brilliant' it needs to tick all the boxes: price, venue, music, drinks, crowd, location. You don't want somewhere so far from home that the taxi at the end of the night robs you. The cost and quality of the venue go hand in hand too. If the entry price is quite high, you expect a well-decorated club with plush seating at least. Now the music is a tricky one. A 'good' night out will play the music you love, music you want to dance to, and have you falling in love with the DJ.

on Deansgate have tried to tick all the above boxes, but the verdict is still out whether I'll be returning.

It's a relatively cheap to average night out. Entry fee is £7.00 (£5.00 if you're a student), drinks are a little pricier than what you might expect for a cheap venue.

tries to pass itself off as a classy venue that caters for the discerning club goers, but it's not. It's average at best, but for a cheap, chart-music night out you can't really get better.

It's very much a night that you'll enjoy if you're drinking, if not, the crowd can be somewhat annoying because they're young and mostly students, so it's a free for all, anyone in. That said the bouncers were pretty good because a few people got turned away due to their inebriation.

Now the music. Oh dear; they only play chart music and while the DJ attempted to mix and blend, there were times throughout the night where the crowd were standing still because he didn't get the following track on quick enough.

Overall is alright. If you're not too bothered about the music and want a relatively cheap night out with your mates then you might enjoy it. You can dance, you can drink, and you can sit and catch up if your feet are aching from having too much of a good time.

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