Atmosphere Exhibition @ The Science Museum

Atmosphere Exhibition @ The Science Museum


Posted 2012-07-14 by Erikafollow
Today afternoon I visited the Science Museum in South Kensington where I tested the new hyper-computers in the new exhibition called Atmosphere… exploring climate science. As you step into the Museum you need to go to the very end of the building on the ground floor where the stairs are located. Going onto the second floor the families with children can learn about our changing Earth and play in order to improve their knowledge. This part of the museum is dark with neon blue lights like in the science fiction movies. I tried all of the interactive computers so I can write about my own experience.

First of all, I am not good at these hyper-super technologies, so the usage was sometimes very difficult for me. The monitors were touch-screen regularly and some of them were with joystick and button. I saw a huge half tree ring. It was very new to me that not just the age but the climate changing can be established from these rings as well. Scientists proved that the quality of the rings correlate with the temperature and moisture. Next to the tree ring there was an interactive book which I could read and study more about the trees from. One piece of the Hertfordshire puddingstone was also exhibited.

The next theme was about the environmentally friendly solutions in this room. A hydrogen-powered urban car was on view, sized as large as life. In addition, I saw a miniature high-efficiency solar cell, plastic solar cell, domestic energy monitor, artificial tree design sketch, carbon collector and finally, an energy-harvesting paving slab. The interactive computer presented more information about all of them.

A short story was also presented about the future of our climate until 2050 as a cartoon with English subtitles. The film itself had a very beautiful design in which you could see the possible future of London. Famous attractions such as the London Eye and the Gherkin were shown together with newly built houses having their own energy supplies. There was a really interesting solution about placing windmills on the shores of the UK that would possibly produce a large amount of environmentally friendly energy.

The following place was my personal favourite although I think it was originally designed for kids. It was a computer game with a joystick and a button. There were three levels in the game. In the first level I had to get the solar radiation through the atmosphere. Here you can control the radiation in order to not reflect from the clouds and achieve the Earth's surface. In the second level you have to control the infrared radiation in order that the greenhouse gases absorb it. In the third level was the greenhouse gas concentration on record level so it was very easy to win but this means that due to the high concentration the Earth's temperature rises continuously.

In my opinion the Atmosphere... exploring climate science exhibition was instructive thus you can not only learn more about the global warming but also have fun.

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