Arts By The Sea Festival

Arts By The Sea Festival


Posted 2016-10-04 by Janafollow

Sat 08 Oct 2016 - Sat 15 Oct 2016

is one of the most anticipated events in Bournemouth, bringing a special "arts" atmosphere to the town. This year it will take place between 8th-15th October and will open up opportunities to visit more than 50 art-oriented events such as dance workshops, music performances, exhibitions etc.

The primary aim of this festival is to show people that art is not all about tangible things such as paintings and sculptures, but art comprises dance, music, magic and many other forms. The secondary aim is to make Bournemouth a more famous and enjoyable place to visit, work or study.

A significant aspect of this festival is that along with exhibitions and "talk" events, visitors can try actual performances. Workshops are a great opportunity to get fresh ideas or guidance to understand what type of art really inspires you.

Outdoor events throughout the town will include:

Dance events:

  • Cuban salsa workshop with Enrique Perez from Cuba
  • Physically challenging "Wheel workshop" by Acrojou
  • Hand to hand acrobatics workshop, etc.

  • Music events:

  • Sounds by the sea by Jack Maguire, accompanied by "Don Kipper"(performing a mix of Balkan, Klezmer, Roma and Eastern European folk music)
  • A cool mix of Dancehall Soca (the carnival party vibe) by The Merry Makers Steel band
  • A melodic mashup of Eastern European folk, sea shanties and carnival chaos by Calico Jack
  • Migrating melodies presented by Don Kipper, Jack Maguire and Sharon Muiruri (performing a mix of Klezmer, Doinas, Horas and Roma folk music from Eastern Europe and telling stories about a personal experience).
  • And more than 15 other music events.

    Film and visual art:
  • Hear the beat, feel the heat at the seafront Inferno by Walk the Plank (a free ticketed show)
  • Creative, fun and interactive "Display of Light". You are invited to make some LED throwies (a coloured LED bulb with a mini battery and a magnet)
  • High energy live performance by "Sea of Freaks" and many many other events.

  • Every year Bournemouth lights up with , as there are experts who fire up a beachfront, town centre and gardens as well as small gig spaces, libraries and cafes. It is definitely worth a visit as there will be a rich mix of events and activities that suit all ages.

    Ticket prices are £10 or less, however, many events are FREE.

    I definitely recommend visiting this festival. Get a priceless experience and become a part of something bigger than yourself.

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